Sunday, June 9, 2013

weekending and Riggs rides a horse!

How can so many good moments be packed into two short days? We've had such a great weekend. Saturday we woke up to a blue sky and sunshine, and we had a nice lazy morning together as a family before heading out to watch the Colony Days Parade in downtown Palmer.

There were so many more people there than there were last year, probably because it was such a gorgeous day. The Colony Days are such a big deal in Palmer, and there were lots of different events going on all day. We wanted to get Riggs face painted too, but decided it probably wasn't the best idea with all his bites.

We found a good spot to hang out and watch the parade, a spot that we could escape from easily just in case. We weren't sure if Riggs would really 'get' it or not, so I was excited when he watched every group that went bad and pointed excitedly at the trucks and tractors. He watched from Steve's shoulders most of the time, and they were so cute there together, my guys :)

Then we ran a few errands before heading over to our friends house for dinner. This is the new way Riggs has to ride in the car. The bugs are so bad still that every time we get in the car there are at least 10 or more just buzzing around and they always migrate towards Riggs and I don't want them just feasting on him again. Those mean old bugs!

We went to Sarah's parents house for dinner, their house is so lovely! They live in an old family farmhouse that is just so pretty and charming and perfect. We had so much fun visiting and eating and laughing and just enjoying the evening together. Riggy loved their ducks but was a little shy of the horses at first.

He liked pushing the little wheelbarrow around their front yards, just like he does at our house. Steve brought Lyla out and tried to keep the bugs off of her with his hat...he looks pretty good holding a baby girl, eh? ;)

Then Sarah's dad saddled up the horses and Riggy went riding with Sarah (in his was way past his bedtime but we were all having fun!). He loved it and kept saying 'woah!' while he was riding and even learned to say the horses name - 'gin-ge' (Ginger). I love him so much!

Before we left we changed both babies into PJs and had to get a picture of them together. They were so funny holding hands and being silly. Lyla is so cute she loves when Riggs is close to her and was smiling so big! They are just the sweetest little friends ever!

Today we went to church at my parents church in Anchorage then had a BBQ at their house - it was so hot and lovely on their deck! 

I just love weekends, especially when they're packed with so many fun things. I'm trying to pretend that Steve won't be back at work tomorrow, we always miss him extra on Mondays! 

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