Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the Alaska Zoo

Monday I had a doctor's appointment (for my neck) and so we went in a little early to go to the zoo! It was a monumental zoo trip because it was the first time Riggs could actually really see the animals and get excited about them. So much fun! He was a little bit shy in the petting zoo, which surprised me - but he warmed up eventually and stood by these goats for a while:

It was also really cute to see him imitating his older cousins! I think he's going to have so much fun playing with them when he's a little bit bigger. They had the cutest little baby moose - seriously could there be a cuter baby animal?! It's little legs were so long and gangly!

Riggs had fun walking around with his aunt Kelsey :)
We got to see the porcupine eating from one of the zoo keepers, I love the porcupines! I have a video somewhere that I need to dig out and post on here of one of the porcupines climbing on the fence like you used to have to do in Super Mario in the castles over the lava. So funny! They had also set up these really awesome new educational centers for kids to check out the skulls and fur and tracks of the various animals at the zoo.

The zoo is definitely one of my favorite places to take Riggs, and I highly recommend it for kids of all ages! It's really fun to meet a friend (or sister!) there too because you can get some good conversation in while the kids get some energy out. So it's really a double win ;)

If you haven't visited our little zoo and you live in the Anchorage area, you really need to plan a visit! We have a membership because I love to support such a great place. I have gone since I was a tiny little baby and have so many good memories from trips to the zoo.

Here I am enjoying the pretty flowers that they always have spread throughout the zoo, about 26 years ago...


  1. Love your zoo review....and the cute pic of you at the end. We should go sometime. I have Monday and Thursday afternoons available (sometimes)....

  2. So fun!! I loved our visit to the Alaska Zoo!

  3. @Connie - we definitely should! I'll have to plan for a Monday or Thursday trip sometime soon :)

    @Melissa - I bet Kenzie loved it!