Wednesday, June 26, 2013

learning to share and fun in the sprinkler

It's been another sunny, hot week in the Valley and we are loving it! There are still lots of bugs at our house, but we've found lots of ways to get outside despite the bugs. Riggs has a swollen hand again today from a bite he got while playing in the sprinkler yesterday evening, but I've just gotten to the "what can you do?" point. I just can't worry too much about it, otherwise we'd have to spend every moment holed up in the house. And they get in the house anyway, I swear at least 5-10 mosquitoes ride in on Tutka every time he comes back in the house after being outside.

We went over to Sarah's parents yesterday to hang out for the day and Riggs made a new friend in 2-year-old Ava. They were so funny playing together, they both would share, but wanted the item they were 'sharing' back right away after the initial hand-off. It was a really good learning experience for Riggs in how to share and take turns. He actually did really well and I was proud of him.

When we got home we played out in the parched yard for a while with the sprinkler going and a bucket full of water for Riggs to play in with his little stacking cups. He really enjoyed it and had fun doing laps through the sprinkler. As I mentioned before he did get a new bite on his hand that has swelled up pretty big, but I'm keeping an eye on it and using essential oils (lavender for the swelling and tea-tree for the itching) to help keep him comfortable. This summer will definitely go down in the books as one of the warmest and buggiest that I can ever remember. Supposedly mosquito repellent and box fans are sold out in nearly every store across the state, which I find hilarious for some reason. We stocked up on the natural repellent for Riggs before the bugs came out in full force, so we have plenty, luckily. But it only helps so much, these bugs this summer are just brutal!


  1. love the pictures of you and Riggs, so cute! You can tell he loves his mommy so much!