Thursday, June 27, 2013

organizing my Pinterest boards and inspiration for home-improvements

I really love to organize things. This includes making lots of lists. Many times when I should be cleaning, I end up organizing...but I can't help it, I just love to sort through things and put them in order. It's so therapeutic for me.

I've been needing to go through my Pinterest boards and purge old pins I don't really love as well as renaming some of my boards and reorganizing some of my pins that somehow ended up in the wrong places. I finally got around to it this morning and I'm so happy to have that checked of one of my many lists.

While I was going through my boards I was inspired all over again by some of the things I found. One room I've been really wanting to spend some time making beautiful and comfortable is our master bedroom, which can sometimes just feel really plain and boring. I've done a little bit of work since we moved in just rearranging and adding little elements here and there, but I'm still not happy with it. One of the problems is the fact that we still haven't purchased matching nightstands or a headboard for our room, and the dresser and bookcase are two different wood tones. 

I'd like to get our dresser painted white, and there's a really great place to have that done in Palmer. I just need to actually do it. And then there's the big blank space over our bed. My plan is to take some photographs of various things in nature that inspire me, edit them to give them a vintage look, and then find some wood frames for them. I'd like to do six separate pieces arranged symmetrically like in two of the pictures in the collage below. 

Then there's the whole curtain issue. I thought I loved the curtains I got from Target. But I don't know if I do. I just can't get the white curtains I've always wanted out of my head. So I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get black-out shades installed in the frames and then add bright, white curtains like the middle picture below. I just love how clean and airy it makes the room feel. I think I will even redo the hardware and mount the curtain rod higher up to make the ceiling look higher.

I'm pretty sure just doing those few little things would make the room look much more inviting and cozy. Plus I'd love to get some actual nightstands, preferably with drawers to hide all of Steve's stuff he keeps by the bed. You can see my home board here on Pinterest where I took these photos from:

I was also really inspired by the pins I've collected over the last year with ideas for our kitchen. We have one wall with cabinets on it that we plan on replacing with open cabinets. I just need Steve to get the lumber cut and buy some hardware and then they'd be up. It's really only like an afternoon project for him, but I just need to remind him! We always get so caught up having fun on the weekend we forget to get any projects done.

Eventually we'd also like to replace our counter tops, which are formica right now, with a nice, warm butcher-block. Steve wants to redo the island as well, so we'd probably do both at the same time. Not sure when that will happen though, there's so many other priorities to get done first. But I would like to get the shelving done a bit sooner, since it's so easy and relatively cheap. 

I also like the idea of painting the lower cabinets a blue-green and the (remaining) upper cabinet and shelves white. We already replaced the hardware to black on the bottom and crystal-look on the top, which I love. The old square, brushed-stainless were not our style at all. 

Oh and I'd LOVE it if we could get a bench for the wall-side of our dining area, with bright, cozy pillows to make it more inviting. I really like bench seating in a breakfast-nook/less formal dining area, I love the country-cottage feel it gives off. 

Steve and I really like trying to make our home as comfortable and inviting as possible, so we're happy here instead of always wanting to go somewhere else. We want to vacation to see new places, not to escape the living situation we've set up for ourselves. That's why I slowly want to make these little changes to make our lovely little home even lovelier.

What are some home improvement plans you have or some projects you have recently completed? I'd love to see some links if you have them! Click here to see my plan for (eventually) updating our guest bathroom.

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  1. great pins! I love organization too. I've organized my pinterest boards pretty well, but I havent even thought of going through and getting rid of the old ones. I desperately need to do that! I'm so glad I stopped by.

    Your family is so beautiful, by the way.