Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am on the Pinterest waiting list and in the mean time have been looking at other people's pinned items and holy cow, there are so many good ideas!  Pinterest is sort of like an online version of what I've been doing for years with cutouts from magazines and newspapers that I've read.  Since about 9th grade I've kept "idea journals" where I keep all the special little pictures and ideas I've seen in print without having to keep the entire magazine.  So I am all for an online, more streamlined version of this!  I decided to share some of my favorite ideas with you guys here while I'm waiting on having a Pinterest page...oh and if anyone knows a quicker way to get a page, please comment or email me!!!

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best idea ever:  "grab bags" to keep fully stocked in the car at all times

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Busy Bags:  best idea ever.  there are a few mom blogs out there that have
hundreds of ideas for these, I have made this picture into a link for my favorite site. 

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this one I need to remember for December:  10 pictures to take on baby's first day

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alternative advent:  wrap up Christmas books you already own
(or add in a few new ones each year) with a Bible verse.  let the kids
pick one to be read each night for the first 24 days in December.  

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yummy looking breakfast idea:  savory breakfast cupcakes

amazing mom-blog that has lots of free, downloadable
packets for "mommy school" - so cute and thrifty!

Okay I think that has to be it for now, otherwise this blog post might never end.  I'll share a link AS SOON as I get my own Pinterest page, and then you can see all the ideas I love there. xoxo.  


  1. I agree, the christmas book idea is so good! I love the others too. The busy bags site you linked to was cute also, how did you find out about this?

  2. Just sent you a pinterest invite. Have fun! :)

  3. Thank you Sally!

    beka - Pinterest!!!!!

  4. Wow! Great ideas! I had just joined like three days ago but hadn't got back to looking. I need to implement quite a few of those!