Friday, October 28, 2011

New Sled and a Moose Parade

This has been a busy week.  Steve finally found the perfect deal he was looking for and purchased another snowmachine.  I've been busing moving us back into our home and getting baby's room even more ready for him to get here (more on that later).  Plus last night I went to Fiddler on the Roof with my mom and older sister, Kelsey.  We had a blast!  We went to dinner at a fancy restaurant, Saks Cafe, then walked over to the Performing Arts Center for the show.  I wish now that I would have gotten a picture of us all dressed up and enjoying the evening, but alas, I did not.

Steve excited about his new sled:
2010 Polaris Assault 800

30w and 3d pregnant, blocking part of Steve's new toy with my big belly

Steve and I were out in the yard, putting the cover on his new sled.
We heard some crunching and looked over to see this moose staring at us
as it walked by...

Then we hear more crunching, and see that there are actually three (3!) moose
in our yard.  They walked slowly up the hill, stopping to watch us every few
steps or so.

Goodbye moose!
This is one of the reasons I love winter at my house, the moose just love our
little circle for some reason!  I just have to be careful not to let Beau run out
into the yard without checking for big ol' moose first.  
Hope you all had a great week, I am just amazed again at how fast time is flying by.  Next week is November!


  1. Yay for Steve :D It matches his helmet. I love the moose too :) Reminds me of the squirrel parasdes I see in all the trees here. LOVE

  2. You need to take a picture of the squirrel parades for me, I love squirrels!