Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nursery decorations and John Denver

So I purchased a few things for the nursery today on Etsy and I had to share.  Hope you love them as much as I do!  I can't wait to post some pics of them actually framed (if applicable) and in his room :)

Woodland Counting Wall Cards - 4x6 - Archival Giclee Art Cards
adorable woodland number cards to hang above the crib
by InkTreePress

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here's a perfect example of how they will look - pretty darn cute!
(and if they fall off the wall they won't do permanent damage,  like
a heavy picture frame.  I just kept thinking, earthquake, earthquake! 
even though so many of the nursery designs with heavy stuff above
the crib are so cute)

Grey Fox Prince 8x10 Archival Print Turquoise
here's one of three 8x10 prints I got for his walls
I love this one so much!
these are from Etsy:  ohhellodear's shop.

Favorite Story 8x10 Archival Print
here is the second one:  "favorite story"

Hullo 8x10 Archival Print
and here's the third one:  "hullo"
I'm in love and like I said can't wait to hang them.  Now I need to go find some pretty frames for them.  I think I'm either going to go antique store shopping or go to value village, get the frames and spray paint them the blues and yellows that I want. 

PS I just wanted to add a note remembering John Denver as it was 14 years ago today that he died at the age of 54 in a plane crash.  I love his music and wish I could have seen him in concert.  I've heard people make fun of him and his music more times than I care to remember, but I truly love the lyrics of his songs and his voice.  I've added one of my favorite photographs of him as well as one of his songs that's been stuck in my head lately and is one of many of my favorites.


So you speak to me of sadness and the coming of the winter
the fear that is within you now that seems to never end
and the dreams that have escaped you and the hopes that you've forgotten
you tell me that you need me now, you want to be my friend
and you wonder where we're going, where's the rhyme, where's the reason
and it's you who cannot accept, it is here we must begin
to seek the wisdom of the children
and the graceful way of flowers in the wind

for the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers
their laughter and their lovliness could clear a cloudy day
like the music of the mountains and the colors of the rainbow
they're a promise of the future, and a blessing for today

though the cities start to crumble and the mountains fall around us
the sun is slowly fading and it's colder than the sea
it is written from the desert to the mountains they shall lead us
by the hand and by the heart, they will comfort you and me
in their innocence and trusting, they will teach us to be free

for the children and the flowers are my sisters and my brothers
their laughter and their lovliness would clear a cloudy day
and the song that I am singing is a prayer for non believers
come and stand beside us, we can find a better way.

Rhymes and Reasons
John Denver, 1969

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  1. your Grandma and I saw John Denver in concert in was awesome!!