Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kid to Kid - a review

Kid to Kid - Anchorage location

Kid to Kid is probably my favorite used clothing store for children.  I love the way the store is organized, and I think their prices are the most reasonable in town.  New with this post are pictures of things I've found at Kid to Kid with accompanying prices (at the bottom of the post).

My favorite things:

1.  Organization & Layout:  The store is organized very well, and I always see the gals who work there scurrying around the store tidying up after messy shoppers.  A few areas I love that are easy to overlook:

    • the onesie bin:  they have a big bin of onesies near the infant clothing full of boys and girls onesies for only 50 cents each.  I love this bin!  I always find good stuff in there, and it's a great resource since onesies get the most wear and tear of practically any item of baby clothing.  You can't find onesies in town for less than 50 cents each, so they win the prize for price here.  Lowest price I've seen at VV is 99 cents, same with Once Upon a Child.  
    • the sock bin:  this is the first "area" I go to whenever I shop here.  Simply put, all the socks in the bin are four for 99 cents.  And let me tell you, they aren't dirty, stretched out old socks.  They are cute socks in all sizes!  Nearly all of the socks I've gotten for Riggs thus far are from the sock bin at Kid to Kid. 
    • shoe wall:  The first couple of times I shopped at Kid to Kid, I managed to ignore the shoe wall.  I don't know how, I just never noticed it.  In my defense, it is sort of tucked into a back corner of the store.  I was missing out!  Nearly every time I've gone since I noticed the shoe wall, I find at least a pair of adorable barely used shoes (even for boys!).  
2.  Prices and Trade-in:  Like I mentioned before, the prices at Kid to Kid are very reasonable.  Most items are about $2.99 to $7.99 (this includes outfits).  They also give pretty good credit for items customers bring in, and are always very nice and honest about why they couldn't take certain items.  Plus they have a frequent shopper card - "Earn one stamp for every $10 spent.  Redeem the full card on your next visit for 20% off your entire purchase!"

3.  Technology:  One thing I especially love about Kid to Kid is their utilization of technology.  They have both an active webpage and a very active facebook page.  Their webpage gives up to date information about what items they could especially use in the store, and their facebook page is constantly being updated with new items they get in, and is also a great place for asking question since they are on so regularly.  

Problem areas:

1.  Stock:  Compared to Once Upon a Child, the selection of clothing at Kid to Kid can seem a little sparse.    For some of you, this might be a problem.  But for me, it just makes it that much easier and faster of a trip!  Their inventory is also moving much faster because of this, and so nearly every time I go I find a few things in each size that I like or would purchase.  But, if you are looking for a specific item, this might be a problem for you from time to time.  
2.  Size:  The size of the store is on the small size and can feel sort of cramped from time to time.  Luckily, they combat this issue by keeping everything very well organized and having no heaping piles of "stuff" all around the store.  But it can be frustrating if there are a lot of customers shopping, especially with kids. They do manage to squeeze an enclosed play area into the store, which makes shopping there even more convenient for moms with kids in tow.  

Here are pictures of items I've purchased at Kid to Kid and their prices:

from the sock bin at Kid to Kid - 4 for 99 cents

Smartwool, Baby Gap, Gymboree - all for about 25 cents each!
Smartwool booties for $5.99
dress outfit - size 6 - 12 months
shirt:  Children's Place $3.99
vest:  Baby Gap $2.99
pants:  Ralph Lauren $3.99
total:  $10.97


  1. Such a good analysis! I loved going there with you- and did notice all the good shoes on the shoe wall also. Although some of the socks were lacking.....

  2. I love the smart wool booties! Great series!

  3. You found smart wool socks there?? Wow. Those are the only socks that have ever stayed on Sawyer. Where is this elusive sock bin? He has been surviving with two pairs, since they are like $7/each!