Monday, October 3, 2011

fall and snow

It's been fall here in Alaska for a few weeks.  But this morning when I woke, I could see my breath and there was frost on the leaves in my yard.  It's nearly 11am, and it's still only 38 degrees.  Winter is coming!  I went on a walk out in the crisp sunshine, and there was even more evidence that winter is nearly here - the snow was halfway down the mountains, and completely covered flattop.  Steve and I were walking at the base of Flattop last Sunday, and there was no snow in sight.  That is one of the things I love most about Alaska, winter comes so fast!  I'm always excited for winter, but this year my excitement is even more profound.

October is such a great month in my opinion, it seems to gracefully usher in the holidays.  The first snow has always fallen in October, my birthday is in October and then when October is over, Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't far behind!  Skiing (usually) starts in November and Anchorage is a winter wonderland!  I'm sure there will be things that irritate me as always, such as all the bad drivers forgetting how to drive on ice and snow, but the good always outweighs the bad for me in winter.  I even love the darkness of November and December.  I'm sure many Alaskans don't share  my wholehearted embrace with winter, but to them I say, move somewhere else or enjoy Alaska at its finest!

Here are a few pictures from my walk this morning:

Love seeing the snowline come so close!
View of the mountains from my neighborhood.

Beau enjoying the sun - as you can see the streets are completely
covered in leaves!

Eagle in my circle - the roofline at the bottom of the picture is my house!

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  1. I enjoy your enjoyment..
    I love October too:
    too hot to be outside without shorts on still
    Winter is still 2 months away
    Its my son's and my niece's birthday month
    Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and I know I'll be seeing my family soon!