Tuesday, March 11, 2014

weekending - Butte edition

Sunday was another beautiful day so we decided to climb the Butte for the first time this year. We packed up after lunch/nap and headed out the door, making our way just down the street to the south side parking lot.

We weren't sure what the trail conditions would be in the shady portion of the trail, but we figured we'd just take it easy and go as far as we could. Riggs was really excited to hike the "-utte" and was grinning from ear to ear as I put his mittens, coat and boots on in the parking lot.

He wasn't so thrilled to be stuffed into the Ergo, haha. The first portion of the trail was slick and is very steep, so we (Steve lol) had to carry him. He stopped crying as soon as we got going, but anytime Steve would stop (usually to wait for me) he would say "Up, daddy. Walk!" in a very impatient voice. It was pretty funny, he was very determined to go 'up' as fast as possible.

The views were as beautiful as usual, although in a more snowy way. It was a bit snowier than when we went in April last year, but not by much. 

Steve leisurely hiked up in front of me, taking sips of tea along the way. He was so sweet stopping to wait/check up on me as I slowly hiked up behind him. He was getting a kick out of watching me I think, he kept laughing and saying I was hiking like a 'pregnant lady'. hello?! I am! haha

Once we were past the steepest part of the trail (about half way up) Steve let Riggs down to walk by himself. He was quite the little hiker! I had to work hard to keep up with him and he was not very patient about stopping to rest or take pictures, but I still managed to take plenty. I couldn't stop, it was so funny to watch him make his way up the trail. Neither the steep incline or the slick mud was going to stop him!

Steve and I both love it up there so much. I think one day this summer I'm going to get a babysitter for a few hours, hike up the Butte with a blanket, snacks, and a good book to spend a few hours just sitting quietly.

Riggs loved looking out to look for our house. I don't think he could actually pick it out, but he kept pointing and saying "home".

Riggs hiked all the way up to the top, only needing help in a few of the steep, slick spots that were shaded from the sun. We were so proud of our little hiker! And I am now looking forward to not having to carry him every time we go go on hikes now! He was really having a blast.

If you live in Alaska and haven't hiked up the Butte, you really need to! Maybe wait until summer if you're not into mud and slick snowy spots, but be sure to get out and do it! It is just too beautiful to miss.


  1. Again, GORGEOUS photos! Also had to laugh that Steve was casually sipping tea while hiking. Sounds like something my husband would do. :)

  2. These are just fantastic! I especially love the lens flare in the first one. :) I think my favorite part of parenting is the moment your kid does something physically that you never thought they could do at their age (like hike up a mountain!). I could feel your pride in him in your words. The toddler years are so fun, right?!

  3. I need to do this! Where is it? It looks so beautiful. Great pics!