Thursday, March 13, 2014

25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby Size: Rutabaga (13.5 in, 1.5 lbs). At my appointment today I (fundal height) was measuring at 29cm and should have been at 25. This same exact thing happened at my 25 week appointment with Riggs, and they sent me to get an ultrasound to measure his size. He measured normal, my uterus had just grown faster than 'normal', so this time they're less worried about it. Especially since in the end I never measured bigger than 36 cm/weeks even when I had him two weeks past my due date. Long story short, if I'm measuring even further ahead at my next appointment in 3 weeks I'll get an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. 

Weight gain: 18ish pounds and feeling it. I can tell some of that weight is in my thighs, hips and arms, wah. I'm already looking forward to being able to work out and get back into the shape I was when I got pregnant. I've been staying active, but I find that it's really easy to overdo it, so I stick to weight lifting and walking or swimming. I've been having a lot more braxton hicks this time around from a very early point in my pregnancy so I'd rather be on the safe side and avoid early labor. 

Maternity clothes: Yes. Finally made it into town to shop for myself, and snagged a pair of maternity jeans from Gap for 40% off, a pair of used Old Navy jeans for $5, and two pairs of maternity crop leggings for $4 each (from consignment store). All of them are full panel except for the Old Navy jeans, which I prefer. I'm always pulling the other ones up, but they fit well and I couldn't pass them up for the price. I'm on the lookout for more tops, preferably tunics, but I didn't like anything that Gap or Old Navy had, and I still haven't made the trip to Motherhood Maternity yet (our only other maternity store).

Old Navy jeans I snagged for $5 from Kid to Kid

Stretch marks: Nope. I didn't get any with Riggs, but I'll be curious to see if any pop up this time around. I moisterize my belly when I remember, but I find that staying hydrated makes my skin feel best.
Sleep: I can't complain, still sleeping pretty well. I have been having a hard time falling asleep, but once I do fall asleep I've been sleeping like a rock!
Gender: Still a girl as far as I know haha. I might have to get another ultrasound in a few weeks and I'm anxious for another chance to see our girl. For some reason I have this fear that I'm going to show up to the birth center with all these pink clothes and a pink carseat and it's going to be another boy. I don't know why I have this 'fear', since the ultrasound tech basically confirmed 100% that she was a girl.

Movement: Lots of movements still, especially in the evenings as I'm trying to go to sleep. 

Food cravings: Lots of fruit and sweets. Trying to be sure to get plenty of fruit and vegetables, and for a sweet snack I've been adding mini chocolate chips to plain yogurt (with a little maple syrup), usually in the evenings after Riggs is in bed.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No.
What I miss: Feeling more like myself physically, and being able to work out really hard and long as many days a week as I want without worrying about baby or my belly getting in the way. Also this is the time when I usually register for running races for the summer and I've been feeling pretty sad about missing out on a few upcoming events that friends are doing, like the Gold Nugget Triathlon and the Twilight 12k (pictures from last year, here). 
Symptoms: Just the usual. Feeling pretty good actually.

Nursery: Check out my idea board on Pinterest here

Purchased a crib for baby girl off craigslist that I LOVE. It's the Ikea Leksvik crib (which they don't sell anymore) and I love it way more than the crib I have for Riggs. I really like the simple design of Riggs' crib but I have no idea why I got cherry finish, I hate cherry wood. Also I feel like this Leksvik crib is much more feminine and so when Riggs is ready for big boy bead (read: when mamas ready) we'll probably sell his crib, get him a new bed, and keep the new ikea crib. The two cribs fit in his room well and I'm relieved that I'll definitely be able to put her in her crib from day one like we did with Riggs.

As far as paint etc, I'm going back and forth between whether I should even paint at all. Steve thinks I should leave it since we plan on moving within the next 5 years to a bigger house. I just don't love how the yellower-than-I-thought-it-would-be paint looks with the wood finishes, and was wanting to paint the trim white at least. But with this new crib, I actually think it could work without painting it. 

We are going to get rid of the big bookcase from his room and Steve is going to build ledges for his books instead, with his little couch on the floor in front of that wall. We are also selling the rocking chair (which my parents were nice enough to give us when they changed furniture in their living room) and purchasing an upholstered, easy-chair type glider. For Riggs' big boy bed, Steve is planning on building a little bunk bed, like this. I think we'll start with those things and see if we still want to paint...thoughts?

If we do paint I want to go with a light green-blue, like this (opal essence by Benjamin Moore):

Belly Button in or out? Getting more shallow by the day but still in. I never got an outie with Riggs so I doubt I will this time.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I didn't have any swelling with Riggs so I don't expect to this time (hopefully!). 

Mood: Happy and excited for spring!

Workouts: Walking, swimming, light weights and the Cardio Recovery workout from the Insanity dvds. Also chasing a 2 year old haha.

Best moment this week: Setting up baby girls crib with Riggs and seeing how excited he is for his baby sister! And at my appointment today he was so very excited to listen to "baba's -artbeat", and the midwife was very impressed that he could even say that and that he recognized that's what she was going to do when I sat up on the exam table. I can't wait to see him as a big brother!
Looking forward to: A fun weekend together as a family after Steve's first week back at work (which has been relatively easy on me but pretty sad for Riggs). 


  1. You look great. Don't worry about the weight, it'll come off!

  2. Is Lyla the name you've picked out for a girl? Just saw that you mentioned it in your weaning post. Regardless, I love that name!

  3. Thanks Angela! So true, plus not much I can do about it now! :)

  4. Lyla is my best friend's daughters name, I love it too! So pretty and feminine!