Friday, March 28, 2014

five friday favorites

It's Friday, hooray! We've been saying 'hooray' a lot around our house thanks to Riggs' obsession with Winnie-the-Pooh. Anyway I'm excited for the weekend and some unexpected quality time with Steve. I was planning on being gone all day Saturday at a consignment sale in Anchorage selling some of Riggs' outgrown kid clothes but sadly it was cancelled last minute, boo.

Even though I'm sad to miss the opportunity to offload the piles of clothes I have just taking up space in his closet, I'm also relieved not to have to get up early, load up the truck, drop Riggs off with my sister and spend the entire day sitting on a folding chair crossing my fingers that lots of stuff sells. And of course, I'm glad that it gave me a little extra time to sit down at the computer and share some of my favorites from the week in this post! [click on the photo for links]

ONE | this perfect gold and rose quartz arrowhead necklace. pair it with a loose white tee, boyfriend jeans and leather sandals and it would pretty much be my summer uniform.

TWO | this easy little crate DIY to catch extra pillows and blankets in the living room. next time I can make a trip to our local craft store I plan on grabbing some supplies and making one or two of these for our house. Between Riggs and Tutka our pillows always seem to end up scattered around the rug or under the couch. It would be so nice to have somewhere to stash them during toddler-lab play time on the couch.

THREE | these adorable (and free!) printable labels for pantry items. love them!

FOUR | this tee shirt plus a matching onesie for baby girl when she gets here. I love the design and it's an important message to share. There's also a mint tank top that I've got my eye on too.

FIVE | and finally this list. I love it. I need to print it out (along with some of my favorites from yesterday's post) and put it up in my house. I think it's important to have a good balance between numbers 1-9 and number 10.


  1. What a good list! I definitely think it's easy to get caught up in "not doing enough"--BUT there needs to be a balance between "good enough" and growth. May need to print that out too :)

  2. I love the arrowhead necklace. So cute.

  3. I know, isn't it?! I just want one so bad! Maybe I can 'suggest' it as a mother's day gift ;)

  4. I love that list...I seriously want to carry it around with me everywhere. There really does need to be a balance!