Wednesday, March 5, 2014

roadtrip | part one

First of all, let me just wish everyone a HAPPY MARCH! I just can't believe it's here already...2014 is flying by so far! 

I've been MIA for the last couple of days because of a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Homer. Sunday morning we were getting ready for church when Steve got a call from his brother; our new niece was here! I was dying from excitement and starting running around the house getting all our stuff packed up to head down to Homer. 

Everything just sort of fell into place, which was great. They had room at the kennel for Tutka (they love him at this specific kennel and always seem to be able to squeeze him in), it wasn't forecast to be cold so we could easily leave the chickens without worrying, and we even had great luck getting in and out of Costco on Sunday (I don't know about where you live, but Sunday at 12noon is the busiest time of the week hands down at our Costco). 

Once we hit the road headed down Turnagain Arm, we were just in awe of what a beautiful day it was. We stopped just before Beluga Point to take some pictures, and just as we were about to leave happened to run into another photographer who took a family picture for us. I'm in love with how these pictures turned out, especially for an impromptu shoot, haha. 

[ps it's actually illegal to take pictures on the tracks. oops]

[two most handsome faces ever...swoon]

Riggs was in his favorite outfit of late: sweater | leggings old, similar here | moccs 
[ps not my favorite picture of myself but still nice having a picture of all of us]

I checked into foursquare and a few minutes later got a call from my Aunt Connie that she was at Beluga Point too! It was so exciting! We switched parking lots to where she was (we had actually been across the highway right before Beluga Point) and had fun chatting with her (and taking more pictures haha) for a few minutes. It was good for Riggs to get out and stretch his legs before the 4+ hours we had left in the truck.

It was such a gorgeous day, it definitely made it feel like spring is on the way (as I type this it's snowing heavily outside, probably just to contradict me! haha). We stopped four or five times along the drive just to jump out and take pictures. There were just so many too-beautiful-to-pass-up views along the way.

If any of you non-Alaskans ever make it up here, taking a drive down Turnagain Arm (and all the way down the highway to Homer!) is a must - year round it is just breathtaking.

We all needed to get out and stretch our legs (and this pregnant lady needed a potty break) after about an hour so we stopped at Cooper Landing and walked down to the river. Riggs loved throwing rocks in and getting as close to the edge as he could get without actually getting his feet wet.

I did have a "Don't let his feet get wet, those are $60 shoes!" moment after which Steve looks at me skeptically and said "Did you really pay $60 for some moccasins?" haha. Some really really cute moccasins!! I actually got them used from an instagram shop, but I wouldn't hesitate to spend the full price for them, they are so durable and adorable and I love supporting a mama-run business. I definitely see some girly colored pairs in the future for new baby. Anyway I guess next time I'll grab the xtratufs from the truck.

 [I went a little camera crazy but seriously, he was too cute not to take a million pictures]

The sun was setting just as we were getting close to Homer and the views were just unreal. We made it to the turnout just in time to catch the sun before it slipped behind the mountains:

We've driven back and forth to Homer so many time but this was definitely one of the best trips ever. All three of us enjoyed both the driving and the stops to get out, play and enjoy the beautiful state we are blessed to live in.

Stay tuned for more pictures from our days in Homer and most importantly, the new baby pictures.


  1. Whitney! Stop it right now! These photos area AMAZING. And your love and enthusiasm screams through the page with your words. Please put some of these photos on canvas to hang up! :) Also, I love the photos of you! You are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you for your kind words Andrea, I haven't really been feeling my best this pregnancy confidence wise! So excited for baby girl but feeling a little upset about body changes...

    I'm so glad we took the time to stop and get pictures, it was just so beautiful! I was just telling steve that I want to print some of them out on canvas! great minds think alike ;)

  3. Oh, these pictures are all just fantastic! The ones of him throwing rocks are just too cute. :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Lov your pictures