Thursday, March 6, 2014

roadtrip | part two: beach combing

After getting to Homer late and meeting our sweet new niece, we all crashed for the night. After a fun morning hanging out and soaking up those new baby snuggles, we needed to give mama and baby some quiet time. It was another warm, sunny day so we headed down to Bishop's Beach for some exploring. 

Bishop's Beach is such a fun place for kids and you can walk on and on in both directions for quite a while. We even lived in a little beach shack/cabin right up from the beach the summer before we moved back to Anchorage. And the best part is that Two Sisters Bakery (our favorite yum) is right up the street. I worked there when I lived in Homer and it's just such a fun place to see old friends and kick back for an hour or two. Riggs loves playing in their little yard, which they have set up for kids with lots of toys and plenty of seating for moms and dads (read this great article about Homer and especially Two Sisters if you have a minute).

he clung to that sea shell for dear life for about 3.5 minutes, then threw it in the ocean. silly boy

looking out across the bay to where Oma and Opa live
can't wait to visit Little Tutka soon (the bay not our dog, who isn't little but is named after Steve's childhood home)

We walked back up towards the Bakery and took the Slough trail to get there. Riggs really wanted to walk on the boardwalk, he loved 'racing' up and down in front of me as fast as he could. I was just thankful he didn't trip over his boots (which he has been known to do ha) and fall head first into the stinky muck that is the slough this time of year.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the cinnamon roll I devoured ate at Two Sisters, but alas, I was much more interested in eating it than photographing it. Next time maybe? Or even better yet, go to Homer yourself and have one! You won't regret it :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks Kimberly! It was so fun, trips to Homer always are :)

  3. So cute on the boardwalk