Monday, October 14, 2013

weekending: fall festival

We went to the fall festival on Saturday at the Williams Reindeer Farm. It was soo fun, especially since Steve was off work and got to go with us! Also because Riggs was so excited and thrilled by everything. We went last year (just Riggs and I, S was working) and he had fun but there's no comparison between a 9 month old and a nearly two year old. 

It was pretty warm for October (50-something degrees) but there was a very bitter wind blowing down off the glacier, so it was pretty chilly. We bundled Riggy up and headed out around 10:30 (they open at 10 and are open every Saturday in October for these Fall Festival days) hoping to wear him out before naptime. 

We've been reading about fall and pumpkins and so when he saw that field full of pumpkins he was sooooo excited. He tried to pick a few of them up, but they were just too heavy. Steve and I were cracking up as he groaned and grunted while trying soooo hard to lift them. 

We told him we'd pick one out on the way back out, and so with a "buh-bye paka" we continued on to take a quick carriage ride. Such beautiful horses, and I loved the old vintage carriage.

After the carriage ride Riggs wanted to stay and watch the big horses some more but we herded him along to the pony rides instead. His smile was just huge when he got up in the saddle and realized he was riding 'all by himself'.

I was beyond happy to see my two handsome guys together, they were such buddies this weekend. There are some weeks where Riggs goes days without even seeing his dad, and Sunday is often the only day they spend together week after week. Riggs was so very happy to have two whole days with him this weekend, it was all daddy all the time for him as a result. It made my heart happy, and I know it made Steve even happier.

After a little 'horsing around', we went into the hay maze. Riggs ran and ran through every available opening and down every path he could find. This was one activity he didn't quite get the hang of, but he still had fun, and looked super cute in the process...

Then there was the haunted house. Like I said, Riggs was all about his dad this weekend and when he got scared in the haunted house he smashed his face into Steve's chest to 'hide' - such a sweetheart!

There were some serious animal interactions after the haunted house. We fed the Reindeer, and let me tell you those guys are not shy! They just nibbled the food right out of our hands and tried nibbling our fingers too! As you can see, Riggs had a blast:

On the way back to the pumpkin patch Riggs bonded with this elk and fed her some dried leaves. Then it was finally time to pick out our pumpkin and head home for lunch and a nap. Riggs was t i r e d  o u t, but vey happy to have his very own pumpkin to bring home with him.

After his nap, we carved that baby up. Riggs 'helped', so it didn't turn out to be a very attractive pumpkin (which is why there's no after picture, ha) but he had fun, which is all that matters. AND he wore big boy undies for the entire afternoon and did his business on his very own little potty! A very exciting day all around ;)


  1. I love the reindeer farm, but had no idea they did fall festivals. Also love Rigg's mini xtratufs. I think everyone should own a pair.

  2. Oh those fall pics are so beautiful! The October in pictures from last year was so lovely already and I love the ones from this year the same! He was the cutest 9 months old I think (along with mine one course, ha!).
    The photos with his daddy made me smile! ... and the one with you and Riggy having fun with the reindeer is cutest!

    Hooray on big boy undies! Good boy!

    Hugs and kisses

  3. What a fabulous farm! So many activities!!! It warms my heart to hear Riggs had some time with dada. Always is a heart melter when I see my guys interact, I can only imagine it's the same on your end 10 fold as they don't see each other for a few days on end (can't say that happens here so I bet it is VERY special when he's home!). Great pics as usual!


  4. Yes it was soo much fun! So special to see them enjoying precious time together :)

  5. Yes October is truly a lovely month all around :)

  6. yes and they do a winter/holiday festival too! I can't wait for that in December:) And yes the little xtratufs are just perfect on him!!