Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the first of October

I love October. It's such a good month (it's my birthday month!). Some people even consider today to be a holiday, that's how special it is! Right now I'm sitting in my lovely new chair (oops, I was supposed to post about my new furniture and never did) with a wool blanket and the afternoon sun beaming in on my while Riggs sleeps.

You'd think I'd be doing very selfish things during his nap, like showering or sleeping or pinning. Those are the things I usually would be doing. But today, right now, I find myself looking at photo albums of him on my computer and oohing and aahhing over how cute he is and how much I love him. I know, I know, what a weirdo, right?

But he really is just such a joy and I'm so glad I get to spend another October with him. And I love some of the pictures I've found so much, I just had to post them here. And I might be using this as an excuse to postpone getting dishes from getting dishes from lunch and breakfast washed and starting dinner. It just feels very critical that I post these photos, so here I am posting them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have...

reading with bunny in the very same chair I'm sitting in now

he's learned how to set up tracks by himself
and spends hours in his room playing with his trains.

giving daddy hugs when he's finally home from work.
this picture makes me so happy.

all relaxed after his bath
waiting to get his PJs on and go to bed

that little hand, placed there with no prompting at all
I feel so honored that he loves me so very much

watching daddy and imitating his every move

those little feet!
eating a muffin in daddy's chair

contemplating the meaning of life


  1. All of his outfits are so cute. I just love how you love being his Momma. That's how I feel about my kids and I think it's so good to feel that way!

  2. I always feel so overwhelmed with love for Ben. I totally get it. These are such precious photos.

  3. What a cutie patootie! And my birthday is in October, too! :)

  4. Totally agree with you on October being the best month (my birthday month too!!) :). And these pictures are so great - can't think of a better way to put off housework than staring at pictures of our precious little ones and sharing them with the world!!