Friday, October 18, 2013

five friday favorites

It's Friday yay! I don't know why I just typed 'yay' since a) I don't technically have a 'weekend' and b) Steve's working Saturday. There's just always something about a Friday...including my five Friday favorites and two linky parties!


How on earth did my baby grow so fast? He still feels like my little baby, no matter how big he gets.
 But when I see photos like this one, I can't deny that there's just not much baby left in my big boy. 
I miss that little thumb sucker!


I made these earlier this week for Steve to share at work and they were divine.
They were also gone in one day - time to make some more!


how adorable are these? definitely the best pumpkin decoration I've ever seen.
They look like a lot of work but maybe worth it for a harvest party?


I love Restoration Hardware baby stuff. I can't help it. And I don't think all of their items are
necessarily outrageously priced - I would definitely purchase something from them if it was in our budget. 
This post is somewhat negative towards them and towards people who would purchase their stuff, and
 that I don't love. But I couldn't help laughing out loud (literally - Steve thought I was crazy) when I read it. 
The captions for the photos are sooo funny!

If you read this one definitely let me know what you think in the comments!


I pinned this a while ago but every single time I see it I die. That babies expression is just too funny
and the you really think our sweet little angels would do that to us?
Sometimes I wonder...


  1. Those captions are HILARIOUS..."isn’t it quaint pretending we’re poor and sleeping on the floor, even though
    you have four beds in your room?" Awesome. They do have some gorgeous stuff though!
    And your favorite the face! That was us last night, and all you can do is laugh about it and make the best of it. Have a good weekend!

  2. hello hello from the linkup! never seen a pic of pumpkins like that! how clever! love it!!!
    thanks for sharing, girl!

    happy weekend!

  3. Ooh, I'll have to try those pumpkin walnut muffins! I'm baking a lot more for bake sales at volleyball games, so that's definitely going on my list. Also, cute pumpkins! I'm still trying to decide what to do with the pumpkin I bought last weekend. Happy weekend! :)

  4. Bahahahaha....those captions are hilarious! I agree with you that quality furniture and other home pieces are worth spending money on it it's in your budget to do so!

  5. Seriously! I was dying of laughter. Hope you have a good weekend too Nancy!

  6. Hi Elise! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. They would be perfect for a fall bakesale:) Can't wait to hear what you do with your precious pumpkin! Can't believe you were even able to get one there!

  8. I know! Why do they grow soo fast?!

  9. I couldn't help but think the captions are hilarious, but I didn't really agree with a lot of what the commenters and a little of what the original poster said. We always had to keep our room pretty clean when we were kids and even though some of the styles might be over the top for some people they really are lovely and worth the investment - pieces that will last a lifetime!

  10. Oh my goodness that room is amazing!!!!

  11. Ha, yes. A bit of sarcasm can be a good thing...but that was probably too much. :)

  12. Those captions are hilarious!

  13. Stopping by from last week's Mom-Lovin link up. Crazy week just getting around to saying hello :) Ok those captions are h i l a r i o u s, however I think I furniture is beautiful. That meme is awesome!

  14. I know right? So beautiful but I would want it for me not my kids, haha selfish!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Ileana! I love RH stuff so I was a little taken aback by how hostile some people are towards them, but I couldn't help but laugh at the captions:)

  16. I saw those pumpkins! Total swoon. And a friend of mine shared that post about Restoration Hardware with me - I laughed too. :)