Tuesday, April 23, 2013

randomness on my half-birthday

It's my half-birthday today.
It's okay if you didn't remember;)
Six months ago, I turned 26 and six months from now I'll turn 27...scary (especially for my parents haha love you mom&dad)

Today I thought I'd share 13 random things about me to celebrate my half-birthday. I picked 13 because it's half my age and it's early and I don't think I could come up with much more than 13 things.


we eat ice cream all.the.time yet we don't have an ice cream scoop. now that's just crazy. every time I go to my parents and use their pampered chef scoop I think, "I'm so getting one of these" except then I never do. I guess I figure the harder I have to work to dig out the ice cream with a regular spoon the less I'll end up eating in the end or something like that;)

I've lived in Anchorage, Homer, and Palmer but I've never lived anywhere outside of Alaska.

water is pretty much the only thing I ever drink. I love it and I don't understand when people having problems drinking enough water. I've never liked coffee and I don't really drink tea or hot cocoa or chai or any warm drinks because they make me feel really full and they make me overheat and get sweaty. 

I hate being sweaty. unless I'm purposefully doing something that I expect to get sweaty doing, like running or cleaning (you don't get sweaty when you clean? somethings wrong with you).

when I was a kid I wanted to be a hermit and live in a small cabin in England with my little sister. we worked it out so we could have all the books we wanted and lots of food too.
anytime I'm annoyed by vast hoards of people I think about this and wish I could beam myself to that imaginary hermit cabin.

I wish everyday that Hogwarts was a real place and that I could go there.

I've never read the Twilight Series and never will.
sorry not sorry.

I love food, a lot.
my mom always makes fun of me because when I was a kid I'd ask what was for dinner while we were at the table eating lunch.

I had short hair until I started growing it out when I was 13.
people regularly mistook me for a boy.
it was awful and probably why you'll never see me with short hair ever again.
in case you're wondering that's not a random boy in the picture with the blue shirt.
that's me.

I stayed up way too late last night and now I'm really tired

I always have bruises all over my legs. probably because I'm so clumsy and bump into everything and fall a lot.

when I was a kid I wanted glasses really bad. so I told my mom I was having a hard time seeing stuff and she took me to the eye doctor and I tried to read the chart bad enough to convince them that I needed glasses. it didn't work though, the eye doctor saw right through me.

I've never broken a single bone. hopefully I never will.

Obviously, I'm a pretty boring person so if you're still reading this that's pretty impressive. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ok you have to do sweet iced tea girl! Seriously! And that picture of you doing archery, lol, you definitely look a little tiny bit different now...

  2. Love to my beautiful daughter who didn't really ever look like a boy, even when her hair was short!

  3. Not boring!!! Everything you shared made me smile more and more. All very true things about you. And yes I am trying to drink more water....