Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pretty little poser

Riggs and I hung out over at my friend Sarah's house all day today, it was so nice! We basically just sat around and talked the entire time (except Sarah was pretty busy...I guess I should say I just sat around and talked ;) probably a bit more accurate).

I had to take a few pictures of baby Lyla when I was there. I would have loved to take more, but there was the whole Riggs-opened-up-the-baby-lotion-and-was-rubbing-a-big-glob-of-it-on-Lyla incident, so I only got a few. He had watched closely when I changed Lyla's diaper earlier, so I guess he decided he needed to rub some lotion on her diaper area little helper ha.

Lyla is such a little model already, she posed so prettily for me as I snapped some pictures. Isn't she just gorgeous?!

love you little Lyla!

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  1. Beautiful baby girl! I need a granddaughter, hint hint. Lu