Wednesday, April 17, 2013

end radio silence


I am back.
I should have given some sort of advanced notice that I wouldn't be blogging for a few days. We went to Homer and then across the bay and spent a blissful four days with no internet and spotty cell phone reception. It was so relaxing, I can't even begin to describe how healing it was for all of us as a family.

With Steve working so much and Riggs and I being sick for the last three weeks, we were all pretty run down. Spending four days sleeping, eating fresh-caught food, playing dice games, kayaking, walking along the beach and visiting with old friends and family was simply the best medicine for us three.

Friday was Steve's birthday, he's 27 years old now.
We laid in bed until about 8, and just soaked up being home together.
I made French toast and sausage, my guys gobbled it up like starving people.

Steve had to unload some old power line arms he brought home from work for projects around our home.
Then we packed up some essentials and got in the truck and just started driving. No plans, no time constraints. 

Steve did have to run some work-related errands in Anchorage before we could keep on driving, and I'm so proud to say he is now a Journeyman's been a long time coming and he's worked so hard to get to this point.

By late-afternoon we were finally on the road to Homer, and we had a beautiful, sun filled drive and a nearly perfect late evening at the lodge we stayed at. We really couldn't have asked for a better ending to our day. The lodge was right on the water, and we were the only guests that evening. Our room was spacious and had a lovely soaking tub that we all enjoyed. It was truly a magical evening, just what we needed. 

Our morning was nearly just as nice. We walked down to Two Sisters for coffee and breakfast with some of Steve's family, and then walked back to relax for a bit before catching our water-taxi across the bay to Steve's dad's house

I have so much to share about our time across the bay, I just can't do it all justice in one post! 
Stay tuned for another post (or probably two) about our little mini-vacay in Kachemak Bay.

part two
part three


  1. I love all of your pictures, but I especially love the one where you're walking with Riggs! It's the perfect "Alaskan Mama" picture! I'm so jealous if your time away together! :) Congrats to Steve!

  2. Thanks Joree, it was such a fun and much-needed trip away from everything. :)