Tuesday, April 30, 2013

yay curtains!

You may remember this post about trying to find curtains for our room. Since then I've had no luck finding curtains that I liked for our room, until today that is! I stopped in Target this morning to return something and thought I check the curtain aisle really quick before I left. There were a few different styles that I liked, but these Threshold Botanical panels just seemed to be calling out to me. I had to get them and take them home and see how they looked.

I'm so happy with how they look in our room! The only problem is that they only had two panels, so I need to get two more for the other window. Eventually I want to get some light bamboo roll-up blinds to go behind the curtains, but the vertical blinds will have to do for now. What do you think?

I really love the floral-ish pattern and think it adds color and detail to our room that was seriously lacking before. I still can't decide if I'm one-hundred-and-ten percent in love with them, but I'm at least ninety percent so that's pretty good I think:) They look a lot better in person than they do in my iPhone pictures too. Any thoughts? I think the pattern is the type that you'd either hate or love but I have always like floral fabrics for blankets and curtains - I think they're really homey and comfy.


  1. I love them! Not too girlie but soften the room too

  2. Very nice! The length looks great! :)


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