Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homer Trip Part 2 - at home in Little Tutka Bay

I wrote yesterday about Steve's birthday and our last minute trip down to Homer. Today I have some pictures and stories to share from our first couple of days over in Little Tutka.

Saturday afternoon we went down to the Homer harbor to meet the water-taxi for our trip across the bay. It's a beautiful but sometimes choppy thirty minute trip from the harbor to the beach in Little Tutka Bay - this time it was actually pretty calm. Riggs loved watching out the window - it was actually the first time he's stayed awake the whole trip. Boat rides are great for putting babies to sleep;)

The moment we were on the beach I could feel my blood pressure dropping, just like every time we get to Rick's house. Steve was so lucky to grow up in such a beautiful, peaceful place. Birds are everywhere - Eagles, Harlequins,  Goldeneyes, Murre - and this time of year lots of Sea Otter mamas and babies. It's also just a different pace of life, so slow and easy. 

We stayed in one of the guest cabins, and I was a little nervous about how Riggs (and Steve & I) would sleep since he would be in the same room as us in his pack&play without the white noise from the humidifier to cover up our whispers and coughs and (in my case) multiple noisy nose-blowing sessions. But we all actually slept wonderfully, both at bedtime and nap-time. I think Steve and I were asleep by nine pm almost every single night. 

Other than sleeping, we mostly just wandered around outside, soaking up the beauty and peacefulness of our surroundings. We ate clams (well, everyone but me did) and fresh eggs and pancakes. We played dice and Steve and Rick made a fish-net swing for Riggs. We went kayaking (more on that later).

We recuperated from all the sickness and stress and long hours of work (for Steve) and reconnected as a family. It was therapeutic.

Every night as the sun set, I thought about how much I love living in Alaska. It's so beautiful and big and different than any other place in the country. I love it.

In my next post will be some pictures from Riggs' first kayak expedition, he did so well and had lots of fun (mostly - until he was sick of not being able to move with all the layers and the life vest lol). Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into paradise!

part one of our trip
part three of our trip


  1. Looks like fun! We recently spent some time unplugged at a friend's cabin in Trapper Creek. So good for family time!

    Found your blog via the Anchorage Museum. I am an AK blogging mama, too!

  2. These pics are incredible... cannot believe how much your way to take pics changed since I saw your first ones over a year age... as those first ones were already great... so you can imagine how much I adore your photos now! Looking forward to the post about Riggy <3

  3. gorgeous photos...breathe-taking! If I keep stopping by your blog, I seriously may pack up my hubby and babies and move to alaska lol.