Saturday, April 6, 2013

sick and fussy and sad

these pictures pretty much sum up my week
(and what's not pictured is me feeling the exact same way)

hope you're having a happy Saturday
ours is a bit of a sad one
and it's a blizzard
you've gotta love 'spring' in Alaska


  1. Oh no... no... no... when Riggs has a sad and sick face... it´s really one of the sadest I know! The wet lashes make my heart ache... I can imagine how much you parents feel sorry for your guy but he will be happy very soon, I´m sure!

    He has such lovingly and awesome mama and papa... so he is a lucky boy!

    Kiss his sickness away... and one kiss from me!

  2. Thanks Rebekka, he has just been so sick and sad:( I'm happy to say he's feeling much better though today! Now I just need to get better...