Monday, April 8, 2013

Riggs Lately

Riggs will be fifteen months old on Friday, and he is such a character! I was looking through my photos of him and found quite a few I haven't shared yet here on my blog that really show what Riggs has been up to in last month.

I figured I'd better fix that, so here you go. I know you've just been dying to hear all about what a one year old does all day;)

climbs, on everything
Riggs is a climber. He will try to climb up anything that he possible can. 
If he see's stairs, he wants to climb up them, and down them, over & over & over & over get the idea.

watches Tutka's every move
Riggs loves Tutka. Tutka loves Riggs. They follow each other all around the house and are always in each other's faces. Riggs tries to imitate him (like in the bear walk below, what you can't see is Tutka walking right outside the picture in front of Riggs). It is usually very cute, but I have to be honest, it gets old (and just plain gross) a lot of the time too.

loves being outside
Riggs loves to be outside. He loves to look around and watch to see whatever happens to be going on around him. I'm so glad he likes to be outside so much, I do too!

plays in his room
Riggy loves to play in his room. He'll often go in and close the door behind him. I usually go in and sit in the rocking chair so that he can have the door closed like he wants, and I can still keep an eye on him. It makes me happy that he enjoys his own space so much. 

cuddles for Daddy
Steve has been working a lot lately, so Riggs only sees him on Sunday or, if we're lucky, Saturday evening too. When Steve is home during Riggs' waking hours, they are pretty inseparable. I love seeing them so happy together, it just makes my heart full.

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