Saturday, April 27, 2013

our Saturday

I just love Saturdays. Especially when it's sunny out and when I get an early, productive start. I met Sarah at Edge Fitness again this morning for a class, and even though I thought I was going to die (seriously so tough), it's a great way to start the day. After class I stopped to get some new running shoes with Nike+ - I can't wait to go try them out tomorrow! I walked around a bit in the house to see how the system worked, pretty sure Steve thought I was crazy when he saw me walking back and forth for like five minutes straight lol. Riggs loved the shoes too ('shoe' is one of his favorite words right now so he loves any chance to say it over and over haha) and he kept trying to put them on.

When I got home we had a hearty breakfast, waffles with maple syrup and some sausage for the guys. I love big breakfasts, I think breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day by far. I'm such a snacker the rest of the day that I rarely have a real appetite for a big dinner.

Steve and I hung out in the sunny yard while Riggs napped, I painted my nails and he schemed about deck plans. Then when Riggy woke up, he played outside too for a while before we all headed in for a lazy afternoon. 

And just so you know, when I say lazy, I really mean it. I spent at least three hours laying on our sheepskin rug with a pillow from our room and my favorite wool blanket watching Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta. I have been obsessed with wedding stuff lately, it's so weird! I want to buy bridal magazines and go try on dresses and make all the plans - I think I'm going crazy. It's probably because of all the pins I've been looking at, it's just not fair that I got married before Pinterest

All you girls who've had Pinterest when you got married or who will in the future, you'd better appreciate it! ;)

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  1. I am the same way. I told Ben we may have to renew our vows, just so I can having a daring and completely different sort of wedding. For me, I was young when we got married and my style has changed so much since then.