Tuesday, April 9, 2013

welcome back, sun

It snowed all day yesterday and when it seemed to slow down a bit in the evening, I went out and shoveled the driveway after getting Riggs in bed, hoping the snow would stop during the night. 

But the snow picked back up, and it snowed all night. This morning, it was still snowing. I thought about walking over to the neighbors to ask him to plow the driveway, then decided that shoveling the driveway again would be good exercise. It's not like I'll be able to go for a run, with the glazed ice underneath the snow, I'd probably fall and break something (I'm clumsy enough without snow-covered ice). 

After bundling both Riggs and I up to head out into the snow, I realized it was barely snowing anymore, the flakes seemed to be suspended in air rather than falling fast enough to accumulate on the ground. The clouds began to clear, and I could just faintly see the outline of Pioneer Peak - a sure sign that the snow would be stopping soon. I always know it's going to snow or rain when Pioneer Peak is completely engulfed by clouds, and alternately I know it probably won't rain or snow if I can see the mountain, even if it's cloudy everywhere else.

Sure enough, just minutes after getting Riggs tucked into his sled, the snow stopped and the sun began to burn through the clouds revealing patches of blue sky here and there. It was so beautiful and warm, a welcome sight after three days of seemingly endless snow and clouds.

The snow is beautiful, but I really hope it melts quickly and we get back to those lovely 40 degree days we were having last week. Plus I need to start seriously training for some of the races (here, here, and here so far) I have coming up this summer, and I need/want dry pavement for that!

PS Riggs was singing the Itsy, Bitsy, Spider this morning and I caught some cute pictures of him doing the hand motions. Check them out over on my 365 project, These Moments are Magic.

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