Tuesday, December 11, 2012

snow (finally!) and a weird rash

As I type this, it is snowing heavily and my heart is happy, despite the ups and downs (lots of downs) of my day.  But I'll get to that later...first some positive recollections.

Saturday evening it snowed, the second time it's snowed this winter, which is really unusual for us.  Steve and I were excited about it and needed to 1) get out of the house and 2) get some fresh air, so Sunday afternoon we headed to Palmer to get the mail and walk around downtown.  When we got to Palmer, there was a little hitch in our plan called crazy wind (which had blown all the snow away boo) so we headed towards home and pulled over to walk by the river, where it was less windy.  There still wasn't really any snow like there was at our house, but we had a nice walk.

It was really refreshing, especially for Steve, who has been struggling with some pretty severe back pain and was all groggy from taking muscle relaxants and sleeping for about 12 hrs straight.  Luckily he is starting to feel better, thanks to keeping up with anti-inflammatory's, the muscle relaxants, and lots of rest.

And then there's me.  Long story short, a few days ago a spot on my back was sensitive and itchy, and then it turned into a weird rash.  I decided to go to the Doctor this morning and found out I have shingles.  Not at all what I was expecting and pretty upsetting (and a little scary - have you heard all those horror stories about shingles?)  Oh and also, I found this all out after locking my keys (and my child) in the car.  Pretty stressful to say the least :(.  Luckily, it's in the really early stages and I have a good chance of heading off the virus before the rash spreads and gets to the really painful stage, but only time will tell.

my lovely little shingles outbreak
It's times like this that I'm so happy I have my little Riggy to cheer me up.  Seriously, the faces he has been making lately are so cute and funny and just instantly make me smile and forget my own problems.


  1. I am so sorry about the shingles and stress of the car stuff! Those walk pictures look really nice and relaxing though and riggys faces are so so cute. I hope you all get better soon! <3 love you and see you soon :)

  2. Oh sweetie... hope you are fine again very soon... and you are definitely right...I can imagine very well that this precious faces Riggy makes are helping you feel great though!
    Crazy... but in some pics he is looking alike like my babygirl! Hugs