Wednesday, December 5, 2012

stripes, bows, and chains

Hey Y'all!  I know it's been sort of quiet over here for a while, we've been busy!  I truly don't think I opened my computer for more than five minutes the entire weekend, which is just crazy for me.  But it's Wednesday again and and I'm excited to share some pins with you!  So here we go, I'm linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple. for Oh, How Pinteresting.  First I'll list my 7 favorite pins and then I'll list the top 3 repinned pins.  Ready? Okay!


:: top three repinned pins this week ::

I really like this outfit.  I would probably choose different boots, but I love 
the overall idea.  I just can't get enough stripes lately! 

I know this is sort of a revealing picture but I just love the bow on this suit!  
Besides stripes, I am also a little bit obsessed with bows right now...

I saw this picture on one of my favorite blogs, Adventures of Newlyweds, and I just love it!  
This is just such an adorable set up for a couple, Ashley is such an amazing photographer.

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