Thursday, December 6, 2012

Riggs meets Santa

We took Riggs to get pictures with the Santa at Nordstroms on Sunday.  For those of you who don't follow my blog much, you might not know that Riggs loves to smile for the camera.  He can be playing with something, or eating a snack, or even nursing, and if you point a camera (or iPhone) at him, he will just stop what he is doing and give you his biggest smile.  He also is not a clingy baby at all and usually happily goes to whoever wants to hold him or play with him.  Naturally, I wasn't really too worried about picture with Santa because of this.

I was wrong.  Out of nowhere, he decided to start being clingy about a week before we planned on getting his pictures done.  He wants me and only me usually, but if I'm not there Steve is his second choice and he will literally cling to us, his little hands holding so tight to our clothing that his knuckles turn white.  We sort of planned for him to be this way and so we ate at the Nordstroms Cafe to fill his little belly with artichoke soup before heading upstairs to the children's department to get the pictures taken. Steve carried him up there, and I hid.  That's right, I hid behind a rack of clothing about 20 ft away so that he wouldn't be able to see me.  Steve acted really excited to meet Santa, and handed Riggy over to the jolly old man (who was soo patient and nice - exactly why we paid to get the pictures done there versus somewhere else).  Luckily he didn't cry at all, but he definitely didn't crack a smile, like, at all.  This was the closest he got to a smile during the 5 minutes he spent with Santa:

But he did seem to really like Mr. Claus, especially his beard and his gloves.  It was so cute to see him inspecting his face very thoroughly while Santa chuckled merrily.  And despite the lack of Riggs' usual big, toothy grin, I considered the afternoon a success. We got plenty of adorable pictures without that grin, and I know I'll always smile at the memory of that day, Riggs' first time meeting Santa.

Merry Christmas from Santa and Riggs


  1. Wow - a Santa with a rather sensational beard! Riggs definitely looks a little unsure of it all - but I've seen some way worse Santa pictures circulating this Christmas! Good on you for having a plan - must admit to chuckling as I pictured you hiding behind a clothes rack!

    1. Ha yes he did have quite the lovely beard, I could see why Riggs was enamored with it ;) And yes, it could have been much worse (although the crying pictures always crack me up). I definitely got a few strange looks while I was hiding lol.

  2. This could be the real Santa... serious! Riggs is the hit... I laughed loud when I saw this face... can´t believe how cute he looks like! Fortunately he didn´t smile... so the pics are sweet and... funny like crazy!

  3. Oh Whitney, these are just divine. I have to say I think you have the best Santa ever. He looks awesome and so good at interacting with the little ones. Maybe Riggs was confused with this big jolly man with a beard. Regardless, the photos are awesome and a wonderful keepsake.