Friday, December 28, 2012

Homer trip recap

I'm stopping by to share some pictures from our long weekend in Homer to spend Christmas with Steve's family there.  It was so much fun to see his family get to know Riggs a little better, and to just relax in the seaside town that we both love.  Plus it snowed nearly three (3!) feet while we were there.

Riggs became a stair climbing expert while we were there.  We don't have stairs so he's not used to them at all, but as soon as he saw the staircase at Grandma Dotti's house, he just climbed right up, no problem!  Steve kept a close eye on him, and he couldn't quite figure out how to go back down, but he still had a blast trying (lol).

we visited Santa at the Library
Riggs loved his cousins kitchen, and he especially loved playing there with her
Riggs got to chill in the Ergo while we went out to enjoy the new snow
did I mention snow?
Riggs loved to rock in front of the fire
he was very impressed with the tree and the pile of presents from Santa that was taller than him
"Please can I have some eggnog?!"
Morgan trying to show Riggs how to open his present
wouldn't be Christmas without a little grumpiness
beautiful drive home in the blizzard
Riggs practiced his driving skills with daddy ;)

Now I'm off to go bake some cookies for my family's Christmas celebration at my house this weekend. Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a family/friend filled weekend :)

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  1. Good that you had a wonderful time together with Steven´s family... the house looks so cosy... a wooden house is so warm!
    Riggs´ socks are funny!