Friday, December 7, 2012

why I didn't blog much last weekend


top row: breakfast at the Green Store with Steve, who was off work because of pretty dang cold weather | me enjoying our new truck | Steve in front of said new truck...thank you baby for getting me such a nice (and functional, have you seen Tutka lately?) ride!
middle row:  yes that is throw up, yes it is gross.  But it was Riggs' first time, and I have to document it, right? | feeling much better after puking up everything he ate for dinner and then sleeping in it.  Let me tell you, when I imagined the joys of motherhood it didn't include cleaning up puke first thing in the morning (reality check) | reading in the morning while mommy lays in bed and enjoys not cleaning up puke at 7am.
bottom row:  remember how I mentioned it was cold here? | Riggs going rogue at kindergym | wrapping presents for my baby (who is actually only 37 days away from his first birthday - sob) - after nearly a year it still feels a little surreal being "mommy and daddy".

Hope you had a good week too, hopefully without any puke or -22 degree temperatures!


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