Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Love #3: Christmas Cards!

You may have seen my other Christmas Love posts, #1 here and #2 here, in which I have been sharing some of the specific things about the holiday season that make me love it so much.  On Tuesday I was so excited to find lots and lots of Christmas mail (and some magazines, my second favorite thing to get in the mail) in my box when I got my mail at the Post Office, and I was inspired to write Christmas Love post #3!

I don't know about you, but I love getting real mail, I always have.  When I was in elementary school, my neighbor and girl scout buddy and I wrote letters back and forth over the summer and it was so much fun.  We would dip the paper in tea to give it that "old fashioned" look, then after it dried we would write a nice little note on the crinkly paper before folding it up and walking it over to each other's mail boxes.

Because I love getting mail so much, I often try to write handwritten notes and get them in the mail as soon as possible, whether they be letters, thank you notes, or in this case, Christmas cards.  This year I was so incredibly excited to send out our Christmas cards and show off our new member of the family.  I was determined to get the perfect picture, and as I've already shared here, we were successful!  I love how our pictures turned out, and I sent them out at the beginning of the month.

Now I am even more excited each week to visit the Post Office and see what letters may have arrived from my friends and family scattered all over the country.  I love to slowly read each one or look at the beautiful pictures and then hang each one up by the tree to enjoy the entire season.

Merry Christmas form the Harness Family

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  1. I love getting real mail too. I miss my grandmothers letters. I am so glad I kept them all.
    Real mail is the best..