Saturday, December 29, 2012

chinook winds

A Chinook wind blew into our neck of the woods last night and we woke up this morning to find that most of our snow is now gone.  I'm sad about the snow, but I love the feeling of the warm wind on my face and the sound of it blowing through the trees.  Riggs enjoyed crawling around on the dry, snow-free porch and sat there for quite some time watching Tutka and I out in the yard.

I made some cocoa from scratch to warm up with when we came inside.  How do you get outside and stay positive even when the weather isn't optimal?


  1. Riggs looks like he is having so much fun... Winter months in Alaska can be hard the wind makes it yuckie but I loved winter solstice knowing that wea are gaining daylight. On the 21st I said yay it's winter solstice to some one and they just looked at me like I was nuts.. I guess you have to live in Alaska to get how wonderful it is.

  2. I think I haven´t mentioned yet but... I have fallen for cocoa... and especially the way you make it... the real way!
    Riggs is too sweet for words!