Monday, December 17, 2012

this happened today

We used to have a very big and beautiful Christmas tree that we cut down in our backyard (you can read more about that, here).  It was so pretty and I had so much fun decorating it.  But I have a baby/toddler (only 26 days till he's one!) and a 10 month old, 85 pound black lab puppy.  To be honest I'm surprised the tree lasted as long as it did!  Today was the final straw for me, I just couldn't stand sweeping up the needles every 15 minutes so that Riggs (and Tutka :/) wouldn't eat them.  

So this happened:

And then THIS happened:

It really was very sad, but we managed to have some fun too.  We snipped off the biggest branches on the bottom and I carried them out into the back yard where I know the bunnies sleep snuggled under the trees at night.  Hopefully all the branches will help keep them a little warmer at night!  Destroying the beautiful tree that we had loved so much was a little bit like what I imagine a trash-the-dress session is like, except there was no chance of anyone dying (well, except the tree I guess).

It was also fun because we got to decorate again!  We are spending Christmas day with Steve's family, so I had planned on putting everything away before we headed that way, but I changed my mind.  I was just really in the mood to decorate this morning (maybe the negative 25 degree weather has affected my brain).  We had Christmas music playing as I set up the little fake tree of past Christmases and Riggs opened his little box of ornaments.  

Then we went to work decorating the tree, and I am really happy with how it turned out.  It's a pretty homely little tree, but I love it.  I'm so sad that the pictures I took are so washed out, I'm still learning in manual mode and it's hard to tell on the little screen if they're just bright enough or too bright.

I plan on changing the 'Rowan' to 'Riggs this afternoon or tomorrow...
although I do find it kind of funny to have a stocking for Riggs with another name on it.
He is SO NOT a

I love all the decorations but I especially love these snow globes my sister made for me for Christmas last year...they are so cute and cheery and vintage looking.  I can't wait to collect more decorations as the years go by, but I also need to figure out some better spots for things.  I didn't have a spot to put up the nativity this year, but hopefully Steve will have time to build the wall of book shelves I have in mind for our den/office area and then there will be plenty of space for all the decorations.  I also want to get some big letters and garland to put above the cabinets in the kitchen, but that will have to wait until next year I guess.  Did you set up any decorations this year that you are especially proud of?  What are your future plans for Christmas decorations?

Hope every one is having a happy Monday, even up here in AK where it is so cold again!


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  2. ALWAYS GO DARK! I'm still learning about how inaccurate the LED screens are on my cameras, but I've learned that it's slightly better to have too little than too much light. It kills me though, when I think it's perfect and then, nope, it's overblown.
    Glad you had the cute little tree for backup! (I had to fix grammatical errors from my first comment ;) )

  3. I think it turned out just beautiful. I love the snow globes and think I might just have to make some:) Reading your blog makes me miss my beautiful Alaskan home and amazing view of pikes peek from my front window. I miss that mountain a lot.

  4. Love your cheerful attitude! Also love the pictures of Riggs!!!!

  5. Your pictures are great but if you want them a little darker, go to GREAT free site for editing photos. I do it all the time. :-)

    Both trees are pretty. Sorry you couldn't keep the real one but the bunnies will benefit.

    Merry Christmas.