Thursday, December 13, 2012

snow day

Snow is finally here (yay) and we spent most of yesterday soaking it all in.  During Riggs' nap Steve supervised (no lifting for him right now) while I worked outside cleaning up the yard a bit before the snow buries everything.  We also started up Steve's sled and rode it around the yard and driveway - so fun.  There is nothing in the world like wrapping your arms tight around your mans ribs, pressing your face agains his back and going so fast you can barely breathe.  Plus that smell...mmmm...I loved it all!  I didn't do any snowmachining last year (remember this post?) and so I am especially excited for it this year.  Being able to ride around in our own yard and in the streets near our house is so nice and brought back lots of good memories of being at my grandparents cabin in Talkeetna.  Plus I just can't wait to see Riggs get into snowmachines like his daddy...there's just nothing cuter!

After Riggs woke up we headed over to Wasilla to go swimming at the Alaska Club.  Riggs loves the water and the pool at the club there is perfect for kids of all ages.  He crawled all around and even did some laps with daddy!

Steve got up to go back to work today but his back was still just too bad, so he's home again today and we're all going a little stir crazy and our routines are all messed up.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, this is really frustrating for Steve and as a result it's frustrating for me.  Add a severely itchy/painful back and I'm just not having the best week.  Hope yours has been much better and that your Thursday goes well too!

Here's some blurry pool pictures that sort of cheered me up this morning:


  1. Lol future Michael Phelps- sounds like a fun day! <3

  2. It looks like you had so much fun. Love the pics. We've had a ton of snow in North Pole too, which is so nice for the insulation factor. We've had some warmer temps, but we're supposed to swing down to -20 by tonight :( I think Wasilla would be a lot nicer place to live sometimes.

  3. Riggs is quite the kicker. What an awesome fun pool.