Monday, July 9, 2012

::growing gratitude::

right now I am...

...smiling as I remember my nephew Noah showing me the 'sleeping' spider.  "It won't crawl on you, Whitney, it's taking a nap.  Don't worry."  

...proud to feel physically tired, sore and yet stronger from following through on another day of a very challenging exercise routine.

...feeling so blessed to have a home that I love where I can go outside with my baby and my dogs and not see anyone else other than the birds and occasionally a bunny.

...enchanted with the world again as I see things in a new, refreshed light; inspired by the awe in which my Riggy views all things new to him, even things as simple as a blade of grass.

...missing Steve but so thankful that he is such a hard worker and provides for our family so well and without complaining.  He is such a strong person, and my best friend in the whole world, and I'm so thankful to get to share my life with him.

...thrilled that my baby wriggles in delight when I read to him, smiling and giggling again and again each time I lift the flaps in his book to reveal what is hiding in the snow.

...bittersweet that milestones are now being accomplished at a dizzying rate and wishing I could capture these moments and store them away to be enjoyed later.  It is hard to know that I will never again hold that newborn Riggs that I cuddled so fiercely just five and a half months ago.  I look forward to tomorrow even as I mourn today - I never knew that being a mom would be so hard emotionally for me.

...glad that Riggs is so happy and content, looking onward to what he can learn and accomplish next.


  1. Beautiful post. Smiled thinking of my sweet Noah and his ever entertaining thoughts :)

  2. Great photos Whitney. Riggs is will be a cruiser.