Tuesday, July 17, 2012


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I managed to finish the owl hat I was making for Riggs.  Now I just need to add the owlish accessories.  I also sewed up a pair of wool pants for him, as he has now outgrown all the other pairs I made him in early spring.  It has been pretty rainy and chilly here, and the only other pants he has are thin cotton pants, so making some more woolies were actually somewhat high on my priority list and I was glad to get them done.  Of course today it was warm and sunny, but he was still quite comfortable in his fuzzy little pants.

Now I just need to get the binding on this birthday quilt and my to-do list will be all checked off...or at least mostly checked off :)


  1. Very sweet woolly boy. We have the same shoes from etsy for ours.

    1. I just LOVE those shoes! I got them a little big for him, but they still stay on his feet so well and keep them warm and toasty. Thank you for visiting!