Wednesday, July 11, 2012

in the kitchen

Today I spent four hours in the kitchen.  I have been enjoying food so much lately, especially learning to cook with some foods that are very new to me.  We have decided to start Riggs out both gluten and dairy free, not because of any known allergies or intolerances, but because it is so much easier on his little digestive system.  Let me explain...

I've been learning so much lately about food and how it reacts with our bodies, for good or for bad.  For example, I love milk and just like the rest of America have been led to believe it is a very healthy choice, especially for kids.  Yet lately I have been reading more and more about how milk isn't actually good for humans, especially for kids.  Research has shown that cows milk actually depletes calcium from our bones and makes fractures more likely (if you're interested, consider reading this article about it, or this or this).  I have been drinking organic milk now for nearly ten years, and I know that it's at least better than drinking non-organic (other than local milk, like Matanuska Creamery) and despite what I've learned, at this point, I am still drinking cow's milk.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to quit cow's milk cold turkey, but I have been slowly eliminating more and more dairy out of my diet, and am pretty happy with my progress. To be honest, I don't really ever see myself as completely dairy free, instead my goal is cut out like 90% of the dairy that I eat now.

nutrition facts on the coconut yogurt I used

Like I said before, we have decided to start Riggs off pretty much dairy free.  What I'm not doing is replacing all cow milk products with soy.  There's probably more soy-related health problems than dairy, they just don't manifest in the same way (here's some info on the problem with soy: here, here, and here).  For now, we are going with coconut products.  This includes organic, full fat, no sugar added, plain flavored coconut milk and yogurt, as well as organic virgin coconut oil (we use this for cooking and for skin problems).  Coconut products are high in fat, but it's good fat that helps to support brain development.  The fats found in coconut products are called medium chain fats or medium chain triglycerides, and they are the same types of fats found in human breastmilk. (here is some information, and here is some more).    

I planned on making most of the baby food that Riggs would eat, but now it's even more important, since they don't really make little packets with coconut yogurt and fruit.  So today I made the first official batch of food for him, from some coconut milk, yogurt, oil, and some organic blueberries and strawberries.  It turned out really well, and he seemed to love it!

I also started some bread for tomorrow night and made a German Chocolate cake for Steve.  Then I made dinner, Creamy Avocado Pasta, which turned out amazing, in case you were wondering.  Overall it was a great day spent mostly in the kitchen, it was almost therapeutic really.  Four hours with busy hands, listening to KSKA and the occasional babbles from Riggs, and just thinking about whatever came to mind while I was working.  Great way to spend a windy Wednesday, if you ask me.

Oh and PS - yes, I realize the irony of including pictures of German Chocolate cake in a post about healthy eating...but Steve has been begging me for some for months and I was in a baking mood.  And if you were wonder, the little slice I had was so incredibly delicious.

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  1. I sooo want your avacado pasta recipe!!! We love avacados! and I never thought of putting it with pasta...did you ever eat at the perfect cup in anchorage I'm sure you did at Dimond Center, they have an avacado wrap that I still dream of-yum!!!