Wednesday, July 18, 2012

room for Riggs

Riggs' room is really starting to come together.  I love how it is slowly evolving into a room that really feels like him.  I know that sounds strange, considering he is just a tiny little person of only six months, but his personality is quite vivacious!  He is like a little sunbeam, so bright and warm and cheery, and that is how is room is turning out to be. 

I love how his bookcase is filled with books that he loves to read/have read to him.  Riggs really loves books.  He loves to stare at the pictures, and could do so for a very long time.  He looks from the book, to my lips as I read him each story, and smiles in delight as I change my tone of voice to match what is happening.  It is just so fun to see, and makes me happy in this little place in the back of my mind that really really really wanted him to love books.  I know that he might love them less when he is a little older, and that will be okay, but for now we are both having a very magical time as we read together.  

heart shaped rock from Oma and Opa

One thing I wanted to incorporate in his room was pictures of his mama and dada.  I didn't want them to be big, jarring images that forcefully grabbed your attention when you entered the room, but hoped they would instead be little treasures you would happen to notice after being in the room for a while and taking it all in.  I think he will like seeing the photographs of us from when we were little, I know they always bring a smile to my face when I see them. 

It feels good knowing that much of what makes his room special I found second hand, at garage sales or thrift stores.  That might not be so special for some people, but it is for me.  I love recycling old things, finding perfect little homes for these objects that have been discarded.  And I feel like it adds a bit of character to the space as well, and gives it a more lived-in feeling.

Despite the fact that Riggs' still sleeps with us at night, he still gets a lot of use out of his crib during the day, where he is safe from Tutka's puppy teeth.  If I can't spare all of my attention to be sure Tutka is being gentle with him, it is in his crib he goes (or sometimes in the kennel Tutka goes haha).  He also takes all his naps there during the day, and seems to find it quite comfortable and happy.  I think having a few furry friends to play with helps!

I love how there are green and growing things in his room and right outside his window.  He loves to scoot around on the ground and look up at his spider plant.  And when he is bigger I am sure he will enjoy looking out the window at the trees, shrubs, and grasses that grow out there.  I often see him staring out the window when his is in his crib or when I am rocking him, and I imagine that there is nothing so big and beautiful to him as the big blue sky right outside his room.

There are still a few things I have planned to do in his room, including some window coverings of some kind (burlap curtains?  bamboo blinds? I'm not exactly sure what they will consist of yet) and some colorful pennants that I need to make and hang around the room.  I also plan on sewing up a play tent and some floor cushions to put in the corner between his crib and his bookcase.  It seems like a perfect little hiding spot to me, and I'm sure in another year or so he will agree.


  1. It's coming together beautifully. Riggs is just such a cutie!! I hope my future children love to read like I did when I was little (/now), too. PS love the new blog header photo!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! such an adorable room! love the owl stuffed animal especially! He is so adorable sitting in his rocking chair! Great job Whitney!!!! :)

  3. I like the gnome on top of the shelf! I also like the hanging fishing basket. I think the entire room looks great! And Riggs is adorable!