Wednesday, July 18, 2012

here comes the sun

I woke up this morning to a blue bird sky with the sun rising out from behind the mountains.  I had been up every hour to two hours in the night feeding my teething baby (Remember my wish that the rest of teething would be easy breezy?  It didn't come true), yet despite that was feeling pretty good about the day.  Then I heard Steve outside when he should have been on his way to work, and I quickly learned that the car had a flat tire - he had to drive the truck and was late.  Riggs woke up shortly after I went inside, around 6:20am and wanted to to nurse.  He fell asleep afterwards for about 20 minutes, and then woke up again and our day began.

It went well at first, I got the binding for my quilt cut out, sewed together and then sewn onto the quilt ready to be hand finished.  The sun just kept getting brighter and brighter and hotter and hotter outside. I put some of Riggy's diapers out to dry and get some stains out.  Riggs was having sort of an off day, wanting to be held more and needed to be entertained instead of just entertaining itself, as he usually does.  Then he started to cry and I realized it was 11 and he hadn't eaten since he woke up.  I sat down to feed him, only he wouldn't eat.  He just bit me (a lot, ouch) and kept crying and crying and crying (and biting and biting and biting).  It was frustrating to say the least.  And then it happened over and over the rest of the day.  I didn't want to fight that battle, so I just pumped and tried to feed him using his favorite sippy cup.  It seemed to work a little, he could bite a little, then eat a little.  In all I think he ate 5 oz, the entire day

My mom stopped by after a work appointment she had in Wasilla, and it was so nice to see her and to have her help.  Then my grandparents and my uncle John came out and it was nice to have a distraction, for both me and Riggs I think.  Steve got home and spent a lot of time with Riggs, reading to him and holding him and just cheering him up - it really helped to cheer me up.  And then, sweet relief, he finally ate peacefully and without biting.  I know tonight will probably be hard, but I think there will be more sun tomorrow.

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  1. great post and love the pics. That binding is looking great! So glad that Riggs finally ate!