Thursday, July 19, 2012

out in our yard

On Tuesday I spent the entire morning in the yard to outside chores, liking washing the new-to-us big dog kennel and putting it together, painting a bookcase, mowing the yard, planning a spot for a clothes-line and raised vegetable beds, and watching the bees and dragonflies.  It was a warm sunny day with just enough of a breeze to keeps the misquotes away and we all enjoyed soaking up the sun.  Riggs played in the pack-and-play for a little while but really preferred to be free out in the grass.  He provided some music as I went about my chores, it was very thoughtful of him.

I spent about an hour or maybe two musing over where to place some raised beds.  They are going to need a fence (there are a lot of "wild" bunnies around not to mention a big, nosy black lab puppy) and a relatively flat spot.  Sunshine isn't an issue, nearly our entire lot gets direct sunlight throughout the day.

Lucky us we just happened to have a fenced, flat area that we don't use at all and I didn't even think of using it for this purpose for at least an hour and a half!  I just need to get a weed-whacker from somewhere (free or very cheap is the plan) and plan the layout and then we can get started with the beds.  I know it is late but at the very least I would like them in and ready to go for next spring.

The only problem is that I had previously been planning on having the chicken coop attached to the fenced area and using that entire space for chickens.  So I still need to figure that out.

Here is the fenced area.  I was thinking of adding to it and then dividing it in half to be used on one side for chickens and the other for the raised beds.  Any feedback? 
Here is the soil.  This is why I am putting in raised beds :/

Oh and I was also musing about what to put in front of the left side of the house:

I definitely want to incorporate a lilac bush, probably at the far left corner so it won't block the windows when it gets big, but I'm not sure of what else to put in.  Any ideas would be very helpful, I want it to be bright and beautiful and colorful :)

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  1. splitting the area for chicken and a garden is a great idea if you use in ground beds because the you can rotate every other season and have very fertilized soil :) all you would need is a rototiller to turn it all in :)