Monday, June 16, 2014

hopes & plans: summer bucket list!

Monday's here and I'm saddened to find the weekend just a memory. A wonderful, nearly perfect memory, but a memory just the same. The days just go by so very fast when they're full of happy moments with people we dearly love. 

The first day after a fun filled weekend is the perfect day to make plans and hope you're as productive as you'd like to be, so I'm linking up again with Amanda over at Merry Mint for Hopes & Dreams. Here are mine from last week:

ONE | Birth Center Packing List - done! and I even used it to pack my bags earlier this morning. find the post here if you missed it last week.  

TWO | find some reading material - ugh. my parents house is like a library between both my parents and my little sister and I was there twice last week and forgot to grab any. so sad. 

THREE | chicken coop netting - didn't get to it. and everyday I thought about it too, I just put it off. 

FOUR | schedule wax/mani/pedi - wax, check! and feeling soooo much better you have no idea. decided to wait another week on mani/pedi, as I want it to last until she's actually born. I did give myself a nice at-home mani/pedi without actually painting my nails, so they look presentably should I suddenly go into labor early (very slim chance of THAT). 

one | find some reading material - Going to Anchorage today for appointments and I must remember to grab some books!!

two | chicken coop netting - have to get this done this week! although they haven't been escaping lately so maybe it can wait? luckily if it really becomes a problem and I can't do it I have a very capable husband who would definitely do it for me if I asked him. But I hate loading him down with projects when he only has one day off a week.

and now for the exciting part:
summer bucket list!!

one | have a baby ;)
two | fires at the river: we did this on father's day yesterday and it was just perfect! 
three | camping: I'd really like to squeeze in a camping trip once baby is at least a few weeks old. It will really depend on how things go with her/her birth and how the weather is. Also for the record I'm talking about campground, tent-big-enough-to-stand-up-in, air mattress camping, in the site next to my parents, who have a camper - very comfortable camping. 
four | Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: I haven't gone to the wildlife refuge down by Portage in forever, and we definitely haven't gone with Riggs. I know he'd love it plus two fellow Alaskan bloggers, Amanda and Kelsey, have been making me jealous with their amazing pictures from the trips they took!
five | Alaska State Fair: it seems strange to even add this to the list since it's just something we usually do every year, but I want to include it. It's the first year Riggs will really get everything, the rides and pony rides and farm animals and lumberjack show. And it makes me so excited to see him have so much fun! Plus, hello, the food!
six | get outside everyday: pretty self-explanatory. This should probably be at the top of the list (behind having a baby, of course) because it's the most 'summer to-do' of them all. Getting outside for at least 30 minutes every day is soooo important to my mental wellbeing, as well as Riggs' (and Tutka too!). Plus it's a great way to really soak up summer.

And that's it! It may seem like a short and not very exciting list, but we'll be busy enough adjusting to the whole newborn/two kids things and I don't want to have unrealistic expectations for the summer. I just want to enjoy summer - the look, feel and smell of green, living things - as much as I possibly can before winter arrives. 

Marry Mint


  1. The conservation center sounds like fun! If Riggs is anything like Ev, just being out of the house and doing something different is fun enough! Lol. We miss camping and sitting by fires so much! We're hoping to get outside the city for some camping sometime soon.

  2. just the fact that you said camping and you showed that photo of rain makes me want to escape for a few days to the mountains. haha!

  3. Comfortable camping! Now thats what I am talking about!!! :) The fair is on our list of things to do too. Last year almost scarred me for life with the tantrum that Ace threw, but we are determined to give it another go! ha!

  4. Comfortable camping is the only kind of camping I agree to ;) We may just have to hop on the "fires by the river" bandwagon with you's too close not to!
    Thanks for linking up and I can't wait to hear that you've given birth!! So exciting :)

  5. Yes especially if it involves animals! I just love fires and especially late at night when Riggs is more subdued and will actually sit for a while with us and just stare at the fire :) Can't wait to hear how the camping is around NY, I've heard it's gorgeous around there!

  6. It was so wonderfully rainy this weekend, my favorite camping weather :)

  7. Oh no, poor Ace (and you guys ;). Hopefully he'll like it better this year!

  8. You guys totally should, it's so nice and the view is just gorgeous!

  9. I think that's a great list!! And I know what you mean about the weekend ending too soon, they always do! I hope you have a great week, friend!

  10. I love that you started with the simplest item on the plan. ;) Great list!