Monday, June 2, 2014

40 sweet newborn session photos: inspiration for newborn photography

Even though I still have a few more weeks until baby girl arrives, I'm already thinking ahead to her newborn session. I'm a huge fan of lifestyle photography, and it really shows when I see all my favorite newborn photos together. I thought I'd share 40 of my very favorite for you to be inspired by if you're expecting, or to simply swoon over if there's no baby in your near future. 

Click the number below the photo to link through to the source. Click on the first photo to see the photos in a full-screen slideshow.

| just baby |






| family |

| mama & baby |

| daddy & baby |

| sibling love |

pets sooooo count at siblings

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  1. I know don't they all just make you melt?! I love Propaganda AK, Shalem photography, and Relic Photographic out here in the valley :)

    And I am so hoping to get one with Tutka like that!!

  2. ....and now I have baby fever. still. lol

  3. it's horrible isn't it?! I swear if I didn't have my own baby to photograph soon I'd be stealing newborns left and right to cuddle and take pictures of!! lol