Thursday, June 19, 2014

a day in the life

I woke up this morning and decided that everyone needed to know exactly what I do every day, so here's my first day in the life post. Excited, aren't you? ;)

Life is a little bit boring right now since I have less motivation to do anything except lay on the couch and read. But somehow it seems pretty full when I see it all written out/in photographs and when I look back and reflect I just feel so very happy with this little life I have.

I'm joining a link-up for this post, and I hope some of you do a post like this next week and link up too. What a great way to get to know each other a little better by seeing [most of] a day in the life!


Steve wakes up at 4:45 and leaves for work around 5:45-6 and being crazy pregnant I always have to get up to pee when I hear him getting up. I usually give him a hug and a bleary-eyed "love you" as he heads out the door and then go back to sleep. Some days I don't even hear him leave at all. Today Riggs woke up crying at 5:55 (not the norm at all) and I went in to tell him it was still bedtime. He laid back down and was quiet until 7:20, not sure if he was sleeping or not.

When I heard him talking in his crib, I forced myself to get up, made the bed and got dressed. I looked back longingly at my bed before leaving the room to start the day:

After getting Riggs up and diaper changed (stayed in PJs for a bit today), we have breakfast. Every morning we usually have plain yogurt with almond flax granola, and fruit for Riggs/mini-chocolate chips for me. Plus something else - often oats or waffles. After breakfast Riggs did puzzles for a bit. I think I sat on the couch next to Tutka and stared into space, haha.

At some point I headed out to do morning chicken chores. I have a hen that's trying to go broody on me, so I've been having to steal eggs from her many times a day (she'll go out of the nesting box and act somewhat normal if there's no eggs). Usually I only go out for eggs after dinner. I always grab some dandelions and stuff them in various places on the fence as treats for the girls. They go crazy over dandelions:
broody Elizabeth giving me the evil eye

It was too beautiful outside not to go do something, and I felt like walking. So we loaded up in the truck and headed down the road a mile or two to the big straight stretch of bike path next to the Old Glenn. I brought both the stroller and Riggs' bike, which ended up being smart since Riggs was "too busy" to bike half way back to the truck (he says he's "too busy" if he doesn't want to do something haha). Poor Tutka lost his ball only about three throws in - well he would have found it (the dog can't really lose a ball, he'll keep looking until he falls over dead haha) but I didn't want him running down to the road to look for it, so I hooked him up to his leash. The sun was so warm and the breeze was just strong enough to keep the bugs away. Perfect.
"Helmet's on, mama. Ready to hit the road!" haha nice try Riggs!
Riggs was very serious about wearing his safety glasses
he literally held them on his face the whole time he was in the stroller

When we got home it was time for lunch - homemade pizza - and then naptime. Today was an extraordinary day because I actually did something productive during his nap. Usually I lay in bed his entire nap and often sleep for an hour or so myself. But today, I finished the quilt top for baby girls quilt. Hurray!

Now I just need to pick out the backing and send it off to the quilter. Then just the binding will be left, yay. I was hoping to have it done before she was born, but that probably won't happen. I might have a chance if she's as late as Riggs was (I'll still have three weeks if she's that late). I was literally just sewing the last strip to the rest of the quilt when Riggs woke up - perfect timing!  He only slept about an hour and a half, which is a short nap for him (typically he sleeps at least two hours) so he was pretty grumpy when he woke up. We snuggled and watched half of The Little Mermaid before he was happy enough to get up and build a train:
building tracks is apparently very tiring.
also, don't mind my pilly (is that how it's even spelled?) dress - I wear it way too much.
Steve gets home around 6pm and it's time for dinner! We had eggs that needed to be used up so tonight it was carrots & broccoli, quinoa and fried eggs. This is seriously one of Steve's favorite meals, he loves runny egg yolks, especially with quinoa to soak it up. Steve showered while I finish dinner:

After dinner Steve collapsed in his chair and was half asleep by 7pm. He's had a busy week - usually he goes back outside with Tutka, works in the garage, reads or surfs the web for an hour or two. Riggs grabed his quilt from his room to "tuck daddy in" - so sweet! We brushed Riggs teeth and wash his face and diaper area then he's off to bed too. Love his sweet little face saying goodnight after he's all tucked in:

I go back out to clean up. I hand-wash all the dishes from the day - we have a dishwasher...but it leaks and it's not really a priority to get a new one, I don't mind doing dishes. It's kind of a habit since I didn't have a dishwasher for about 7 years and no running water for a year. I also make Steve's lunch for tomorrow. I also brew some chamomile tea for Steve - which obviously worked a little too well tonight haha.

Once all the dishes are washed and the counters wiped and the lunch ready and the floor swept and the living room tidied up, I sit at the island to enjoy the quiet (every one is asleep, even the dog!) while I get started on this blog post. My favorite radio show is even on KSKA. Lovely ending to a lovely day.

Now that you know maybe too much about my day, I hope you're inspired to link up next week. If you do, be sure to let me know somehow so I can come read about your day!

Rachel Rewritten


  1. Aww I loved this post! I could perfectly picture you doing each one of those things. I loved the pictures from your walk, the glasses thing was really cute :) And although I had a perfect dinner at Haru, I am still a bit jealous of your quinoa and eggs! So yummy. Can't wait until baby comes, it had better not be three weeks! Love you ❤️

  2. I am SO glad you linked up with us! I have really enjoyed reading these posts. I think it's so fun to see the day-to-day of all the blogs I love to read. I am so happy to have found yours...can't wait to keep reading. Your little one is so precious, and I'm loving all the gorgeous landscape photos! You live in a beautiful place!

  3. I think we'll do this on Monday if I remember! What time does Riggs go to bed? Ev is usually in bed at 8:30 which means my kitchen is never clean at that time, lol. And as much as I'd like to, I'm always too tired by bedtime to clean up after dinner, so it waits until morning. I've thought about moving her bedtime up because 'earlier to bed, later to rise,' but idk if I trust that. Lol. Ev is already up at 6:30 most days. I would die of exhaustion if she woke up any earlier.

  4. Next time you come over, I'll make you some hehe. it's not exactly gourmet lol

  5. Thank you! Glad I found your blog to link up with! And thanks, we feel blessed to live here!

  6. You should link up, I love seeing what everyone is doing! I have to do the dishes at night or I'm so grumpy waking up to a mess haha. Riggs goes to bed anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30 depending on his nap and what we're doing. He usually sleeps till 7, but he has been waking up earlier the last week or two randomly. It nearly kills me haha.

  7. I love posts like this! They're fun to read along :)