Monday, June 23, 2014

hopes & plans + weekending

Good morning and happy Monday! I'm pretty excited that I've managed to post for three Monday's in a row, and I'm hoping to keep it up.

I'm linking up my hopes & plans again this week, starting with my list from last week. It was pretty short:

one | find some reading material - So glad I finally managed to get a stack of books. Half of them are from the library and two of them I bought at the local bookstore with credit:

two | chicken coop netting - this is half done. I managed to fix the spot that one of my girls kept escaping from, but I wanted to get more to replace the other heavier netting that doesn't work as well, but Lowes was out. So it's not really my fault, right? ;)

Okay, now on to my list for this week:

one | send baby girls quilt to the quilter - I'm hoping to take all the pieces in Tuesday to drop it off.

two | finish baby afghan - One strip down, 12 to go haha.

three | dig a few holes - for lilac bushes and a few other ornamental trees that I want to add around the yard. I want to get the holes down now so I'm ready for the plants whenever I have a chance to get them. 

four | visit the zoo - I'd like to get one last trip in with Riggs before baby gets here.

Marry Mint

I also wanted to share some photos from the weekend, which was nice but pretty lonely for Riggs and I. Steve worked so much including an all-nighter so he slept until after we got home from church on Sunday. Not much time to see him! 

Saturday started out windy and rainy and we had a lazy morning. I sat on the couch working on baby girls afghan and watching the birds out the window. It was so relaxing and cozy.

Saturday evening we headed to Big Lake for a friends wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding, I just loved their rustic-botanical theme and they were amazing DIYers and made nearly everything (including a gorgeous birch arbor for the ceremony) themselves. Plus it was so good to see friends I don't get to see very often. Congratulations to Lindsey and Reid!

Sunday we went to church and then came home for lunch and finally getting to see Steve for a bit. But he had to leave shortly after waking up for a massage so while he was gone Riggs and I went outside for a bike ride. It was a hot and sunny afternoon, but I was thankful for the heat because it kept the mosquitos away. We went quite a ways, it's been surprising me lately how much stamina Riggs has, and I want to keep going on long walks and hikes so he gets even more used to it.
the countdown to the winter has officially begun...
when fireweed blooms all the way to the top it means summer's over :(
ice cream and popsicles to cool off
getting baby girl a little sun ;)
also, Riggs made me these amazing glasses and
insisted I wear them for over an hour. haha
It was a fun weekend but I feel like in some ways it was just normal weekdays for us since we barely saw Steve :( Hoping to spend more time with him this weekend, maybe even a date? That would be amazing...


  1. What a fun weekend!! These pictures are adorable. We are hoping to get to the zoo this week too, since Chris is backpacking up at Denali.

  2. Yay for the zoo! I can't wait to spend all day there Thursday. I miss it so much and can't wait to see all of my babies. I also can't wait for the fireweed, and midnight sun :) Have a good week!

  3. Those glasses!! So fun! Mallory and I hope to get to the zoo sometime soon :) Have a great week!!

  4. I just laughed seeing the glasses pic, how cute lol! And I remember it felt so good to have some sun on my belly! When does winter usually start for Alaska? Beautiful pics, as always. Your Saturday morning sounded so cozy.