Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

What a weekend. It was hands down the best weekend of the summer so far! Steve's working lots and lots again and so Saturday Riggs and I drove up to where my parents were camping near Chickaloon (north of Palmer) at the King Mountain State Recreation Site. It was a chilly, grey, rainy day and I was so happy. For some reason I just love camping even more when it's rainy, it just feels that much more cozy to me. 

We left our house shortly after we woke up (at 9:20, which is seriously the latest we've both woken up ever, but Riggs had just gotten adjusted and I just sleep all the time now if I'm not actively doing anything) and arrived just in time to play dominos and eat cinnamon rolls (thanks mom!!). Riggs loved matching up the domino pieces by color, and he had a little help from Grandpa when he needed it :)

Then we all piled in my truck and drove up the road a bit to walk and log a few geocaches and benchmarks. At least that was the plan but neither me or my mom wanted to ride along while my dad got benchmarks so we made him drop us off back at the camper where we enjoyed a nice couple of hours talking together while Riggs napped/had quiet time on the bunk. 

I had the best time just hanging out with my parents and it was good to spend time with my dad during Father's Day weekend since I wouldn't get to see him on the actual day.

Sunday Steve was home and it was just the best day ever. Riggs and I both slept in (again, this time till 8:30) but Steve was up early playing with his Father's Day present, a Yamaha 450 dirt bike. As you can see he was pretty dang excited about it (yes, he's hugging it haha):

He rode it around a bit in the morning while Riggs and I played outside/watched him when he was by the house, then we all had lunch a watched a movie together before naptime (for everyone - seriously how do I need a nap when I sleep until 8:30?!!! soooo weird). 

Then we packed up some food and firewood and blankets and Riggs and I drove down the Jim Creek while Steve rode his dirt bike. It was a bumpy ride for a 38 week pregnant lady but it was still really fun, and Riggs even got to practice his driving ;)

It was such a gorgeous evening and was just the cherry on top of such a perfect day. I am so thankful to be parenting alongside Steve, not only is he my best friend but he is truly the most loving, involved and hard-working dad there is. We (three) are so lucky to have him in our lives!


  1. This post was a love/hate post for me. LOVED it because the pics are great and I wanna be there SO BAD! haha. however hate it because I'm jealous and didn't get to go camping in the RAIN! lol

  2. You are my hero. When I was that far along in all my pregnancies you could find me in the house. Maybe going for a walk or two around the neighborhood. But camping? You are a rockstar mama!

  3. What glorious scenery you have there. I love this whole post and it looks like a wonderful weekend for the memory book. Ben loves to ride in the truck on Daddy's lap, but I'm always terrified of posting a picture because I'm always sure someone will have a freak out about it. Riggs is such a cute boy, I just know he and Ben would be the greatest of friends.

  4. Man, what gorgeous pics!!! I know I always say that but I can't help it. And I love the boyish grin on your hubby's face lol, he looked so happy on that bike. And camping in the rain definitely sounds cozy and perfect.

  5. Haha love it! Get your camping gear out girl and have it ready for a rainy day! ;)

  6. Haha Kelsey, cracking me up! I didn't do much except eat cinnamon rolls my mom baked in her camper and talk to her while she watched/played with Riggs. ha. And trust me, I spend my fair amount of time in my bed with chocolate and my iphone ;)

  7. It really was the best weekend. Sunday was one of those days that just felt too perfect haha, Steve and I are still talking about how great it was! And I know what you mean about the toddler 'driving' pictures haha. I decided not to care, especially since we were on a beach nowhere near any other vehicles (except Steve on his dirtbike).

    I think they would be too! If only there was a magic tunnel between our houses, haha.

  8. Thanks Jessica, I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! And he was like a kid on Christmas, he's so happy haha. Love seeing him have so much fun :)