Saturday, September 22, 2012

fall has come

Today is officially the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox.  The cooler, crisp temperatures, golden sun, and colorful leaves are a welcome change in our house, fall is welcome here!  We have had quite the stormy weather over the last two weeks, and yesterday was the first sunny day in over a week.

Our area is still under a flood watch because of the heavy rain we've had, and during the last three windstorms we have had 5 trees down (and my new little rhubarb plant had a rough time of it, we will have to see if the poor little thing comes back at all next year).  Although I am sorry for all the damage caused by the extreme weather, I must admit there is something terribly beautiful and awesome about it as well.  The drenching rain and gusty wind made me ever so thankful for a strong roof over my head, thick warm blankets and cozy beeswax candles when the power was out, and a happy, content little baby to share the slower-paced days with.

This is the beginning of my favorite time of year, filled with friends, family, food, tall leather boots, and thick, warm sweaters.  My mind has been filled with the signs of fall and winter, of the cheerful twinkle of Christmas lights, the smell of fresh baked bread or apple pie, and anticipation for those first silent snowflakes drifting slowly down to touch the frozen grass.  It's such a charming time of year and watching Riggs experience it for the first time is going to make it even more special.  Happy Autumn!

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  1. Love the picture of your sign with the house in the background and all the bright autumn colors. FALL!!!!!!!