Friday, September 28, 2012

winter is coming

Not to sound like a Stark or anything (haha).  But seriously, all the signs are here.  It was so chilly (39 degrees!) for my run this morning that I had to bundle Riggs in his little REI parka.  He was so cute in it I had to snap a picture with my phone before putting him in the stroller, and it reminded me of a picture of him from when he was just one week old.  He swam in his 0-3 month snowsuit then, and how he's growing into the 18 month version.  Where does the time go?

left: one week old Riggy in the 0-3 month snowsuit
right:  8.5 months old Riggy in the 18 month snowsuit

Riggs quickly fell asleep, but as I ran around our loop, I was just blown away by how everything has changed so much in the last couple of weeks.  It rained all night last night and this morning, but obviously it was snowing on the mountains all around our house.

Here is another comparison, one the left is a picture I took on my run today, and on the right is a picture I took on a walk with Steve on the 10th.  That's only 17 days ago!

And to top it all off?  Yeah, that's SNOW in the forecast on Sunday.  Not for the mountains, mind you, but for our area!  It's so crazy and I hope it does snow...I'm ready for it :)


  1. I LOVE the comparison pics!! And tell Riggs that his Aunt Kelsey says to Stop Growing!!! ;P

  2. Alaska is so beautiful in the fall!! I love the oranges and yellows with the dark dark green. So pretty.

    1. It is so gorgeous! I love how the orange and green contrast too, and then when it rains the trunks of the trees nearly turn black, so pretty!