Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day across the bay

We went to Homer for our Labor Day holiday and had a weekend full to the brim of friends, family and fun times.  I took 288 photos, and there were so many good ones that I fear I have included about 287 here.  Riggs and his cousin Morgan were so happy to be together, grabbing each other's faces and kissing each other as often as possible.

There was quite a variety of weather, including pouring rain, sunshine, blustery wind, misty fog, and daylong drizzle, and I enjoyed all of it.  We ate delicious foods (farm fresh veggies, king salmon, and both steamed and fried clams), enjoyed fabulous company, and did so much each day that we slept like babies each night.  It came to an end much too quickly, and I believe that next year we will take a longer chunk of time off from our own routines to spend more time across the bay.

When we first drove into Homer, we headed to Steve's moms house to eat breakfast and spend some time with her.  Steve's brother Ben headed over with Morgan, and we had a nice morning eating and chatting together.  I took the chance to take some family photos, and Dotti was so happy to get time with both her grandbabies at once!

Then we headed out to the spit to head across the bay.  There was just one problem - the seas were a little too rough for Ben and Steve's tastes, so we ate lunch at a local place and then hung out on the beach in the wind to watch Ben and some of his friends kiting at Mariner Park.

After waiting a few hours, the boys decided the waves had laid down just enough for us to cross and we splashed the boat and headed out of the harbor.  As soon as we turned the corner and were slowing down into Little Tutka Bay, I could feel my excitement rising at being away from the labor day induced crowds in town and over there, away from all that noise and rushing.  There is just something magical about the way time seems to slow and stress just melts away whenever we are there.

Each season is beautiful in its own way,  but early fall is especially magical because all of the greenery has grown so big, nearly all the plants tower above you and the sun can barely filter through down to reach you.  I always feel as though I am in an enchanted forest where I might glimpse a fairy or find a gnome house around some corner.

We headed inside to eat dinner and spend the evening talking and catching up on what we've all been doing.  It was so cozy and warm and calming, and we went to bed later than we usually would.  Riggs fell asleep pretty early in the scope of the evening and slept peacefully surrounded by the voices of his loved ones.  I am so happy that he will have memories like these as he grows, as I look back at times like this with the warmest of feeling.  As the sun was setting, I was just blown away by the beauty all around me.  This is earth is so precious and gives so much and I am so thankful to God for making this place our home.

 In the morning, we were up early and Steve headed back to the Homer side to pick up Ben, Mercedes and Morgan so that they could join in the fun.  When they got back, we had pancakes filled with pineapple and freshly picked blueberries and then we headed outside in the rain to dig out some clams.  In addition to the clams, the low tide exposed a variety of other sea creatures for us to explore.

We went back inside to eat lunch and warm up, and the babies had such a fun time playing together.  Morgan has loved Riggs so much since he was just a teeny newborn, and it is so lovely to see him return her regard.  Playing seemed to wear them out, and it was soon time for a long nap for both babies and some time for the mama's to relax and read.

After dinner there was snuggling, laughing, playing, and games with grandma...

It was such a fantastic weekend and we all had a lovely time.  If only such great times would last longer!  I was happy to snap this picture of the four generations together...such a handsome group of guys and gals!


  1. Great pictures, such a beautiful and peaceful looking place.

  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend with beautiful words and wonderful pictures! I especially love the one of Dotti & the babies.

  3. Great pictures!!!! Looks like you had a great time!