Wednesday, September 12, 2012

eight months old

Riggs is eight months old, hurrah!  He is having a blast changing and growing and learning new things.

What he's been up to: about seven and a half months he really started to eat food on a regular basis.  Avocado, strawberries, homemade bread, and curried lentils and coconut milk are some of his favorite foods.  We spoon feed him some, and he eats some on his own (mostly fruit bits and bread chunks without the crust).

...blowing raspberries has become a new favorite past time, and seems to happen especially often when he is down on the floor playing with Tutka.

...Riggs slept in his crib (in our room) for the first time from about 8:30pm to 12:30pm this month and has continued that trend randomly throughout the month when mama feels like staying up with Daddy in the living room.  It's so nice that he is so versatile and doesn't mind going to sleep by himself some nights.  He has no problem with it, but I definitely miss him and have a hard time going to sleep when he's not snuggled up next to me!

...scooting around using his hands to push him around or his toes to push him forward.  He is working his way towards crawling and we are enjoying this calm before the storm.

...he loves to play with his play cube for 30 minutes (or more) at a time and gets very serious when he does so.  He gets so focused on whatever he is doing and has to inspect things very carefully as he is playing with them.

...he has started pulling himself up to stand and when we help him he can stand for quite a while and move around a tiny bit before falling back down onto him bum.

He is now 20 lbs 4oz (61%) and 30 inches long (97%) and still growing like a weed.  He just in the last week grew out of his 6-12 month clothes and is now in 12 month and some 18 month clothes (but they're still pretty big).  I have to admit theres been some silly sadness over putting away the clothes he's grown out of, mostly because I remember thinking they were so big before he was born.  It's just crazy to think that in four short months he will be one year old!


  1. I love the one where he's looking over his crib- and where he's eating a rock- he looks like such a little model. Love him! Happy 8 months riggy!!!

  2. Happy 8 months my darling nephew!!